Ubisoft is Making AI NPCs That Can Have Real Conversations With Players


  • Ubisoft is working to introduce new gaming characters that can hold conversations with players.
  • The project combines AI with crafted personalities to create dynamic dialogue within the game’s narrative.
  • Still in development, the project has the potential to be adaptable across various game scales at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft is pushing the boundaries of in-game interaction with Project NEO NPC, a new initiative that aims to equip Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) with the ability to hold natural conversations with players. 

At the heart of Project NEO NPC lies the concept of generative AI. Ubisoft announced that the project will leverage AI to train the characters in the game for an immersive gaming experience.

Ubisoft’s NPCs Are Getting Real With AI

By combining AI with pre-written character backstories and personalities, Ubisoft envisions NPCs that can react and respond organically within the confines of their narrative roles. This approach aims to move beyond the limitations of pre-recorded dialogue trees, potentially leading to deeper player engagement and a more nuanced in-game world.

Ubisoft said that Project NEO NPC is not intended to replace the creative vision of game developers. The narrative designers will continue to play a crucial role in crafting character personalities and backstories, it said. 

The AI model then learns to react dynamically within those parameters, fostering a sense of natural conversation within the game’s world.

The project will incorporate safeguards to prevent players from exploiting the system or receiving inappropriate responses, per the announcement. Also, Ubisoft said it will limit the AI’s capabilities to remain grounded within the established narrative framework, ensuring a cohesive gameplay experience.

AI NPCs Are Still in the Early Stages

Project NEO NPC remains in its early stages, and Ubisoft highlights its commitment to flexibility and scalability. The goal is to create a tool that can be seamlessly integrated into both large-scale AAA titles and smaller Ubisoft projects, further enriching the overall player experience.

This initiative marks another significant step in Ubisoft’s exploration of AI-powered development tools. The company confirmed the project is currently under work at Ubisoft Paris but gave no timeline for when users would get to try the new characters. 

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