Truckers move donation to Tallycoin after GoFundMe Axe


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  • Truckers donation moved to Tallycoin after GoFundMe snub
  • The group has raised $300,000
  • Truckers protest against prescriptive health measures

In the last few years, projects in the crypto sector have been undergoing upgrades and improvements. One such is the many use cases that these new projects are now taking on across the financial market. With this, the Truckers are now using Tallycoin, a platform that helps people crowdfund after their funds were seized on GoFundMe. The said group was protesting against a law passed in the country related to Coronavirus pandemic vaccines.

The group has raised $300,000 on Tallycoin

According to a statement by GoFundMe, the campaign was taken off its platform, and their $9 million was seized after reports of fight breakouts. The crowdfunding platform mentioned that the act violated some of the acts in its terms and conditions. Although the raised funds were initially seized, GoFundMe said it would send back every donated fund to the donors.

With the crowdfunding platform sending them packing, some of the protest organizers moved their business to Tallycoin. In their description, the belittled government-controlled organizations while exalting the non-compliant method Tallycoin, which Bitcoin provided. Presently, the Tallycoin purse of the group now holds about $300,000, a small part of the previously donated figure of $9 million on GoFundMe.

Truckers protest against prescriptive health measures

The Truckers started their campaign at the start of the year with a fundraiser at the crowdfunding website GoFundMe. The issue first started with a protest against the requirements of a vaccine. However, the demonstration has turned to a much larger one, with the group voicing out on issues surrounding certain health measures. Some of their key points were the importance and the need for lockdowns and face masks.

This is not the first time a government entity has tried to use its influence to determine who qualifies for something against others. Last month, GoFundMe announced that it has frozen donated funds belonging to Convoy to Canberra group. However, it gave the group a request of January 31 to develop a plan to spend the $160,000 before it is released. Before GoFundMe pulled the Truckers campaign, it had the fifth-highest raised funds in the platform’s history.

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