Trezor’s security breach was traced to a meticulous phishing operation, not SIM-Swap


  • Phishing attacks bypassed Trezor’s robust security measures.
  • Hackers posed as credible entities to deceive Trezor.
  • Trezor reassures users of hardware wallet security.

Trezor, a leading manufacturer of crypto hardware wallets, has disclosed details regarding a recent security breach on its official social media account, X. The breach, initially suspected to be a SIM-swap attack, has now been confirmed as a sophisticated phishing incident by SatoshiLabs, the company behind Trezor

Trezor’s vigilance amidst adversity

Despite the breach, reassures users that the security of its hardware wallets remains uncompromised.SatoshiLabs revealed that the breach occurred, with hackers gaining unauthorized access to the Trezor X account. 

Upon investigation, the company determined that the breach was the result of a meticulously planned phishing attack, rather than a SIM swap, as previously suspected. The attackers, posing as credible entities within the cryptocurrency community, engaged in convincing social media interactions and discussions to establish credibility.

The attackers, under the guise of a legitimate cryptocurrency account, approached SatoshiLabs’ public relations team, suggesting an interview with the CEO. During subsequent communications, the attackers shared a malicious link disguised as a Calendly calendar invitation. 

Trezor’s swift response and ongoing security enhancements

Although suspicions were raised when a team member was prompted for login credentials, the attackers successfully linked their Calendly to Trezor’s X account during a rescheduled meeting.

Upon discovering the breach, Trezor promptly identified and removed the fraudulent posts, minimizing potential damage. The company emphasized that while the breach affected its social media account, the security of its hardware wallets and other products remained intact.

This incident follows a security breach in January, where Trezor inadvertently exposed the contact information of approximately 66,000 users. Despite this setback, Trezor remains a trusted provider of hardware wallets, having sold over two million units since its inception in 2012.

SatoshiLabs is currently conducting further investigations into the phishing attack, collaborating with relevant authorities to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent future occurrences. Additionally, the company has implemented enhanced security measures to fortify its digital infrastructure against similar threats.

Safeguarding crypto assets

In light of the recent security breach on its official social media account, Trezor has confirmed that the incident was the result of a sophisticated phishing attack orchestrated by hackers over several weeks. 

Despite the breach, Trezor assures users that the security of its hardware wallets remains uncompromised. As investigations continue, SatoshiLabs remains committed to strengthening its security protocols to safeguard against future threats in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

By adhering to stringent security practices and remaining vigilant against phishing attempts, users can mitigate the risk of falling victim to malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in the digital realm. Trezor encourages users to exercise caution when interacting with online platforms and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand, ensuring the integrity and security of digital assets remains paramount. Trezor remains steadfast in its commitment to providing secure and reliable solutions for cryptocurrency storage, empowering users to safeguard their investments in an increasingly interconnected world.

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