AI PCs Poised to Dominate, Transforming the Global PC Industry


  • More than half of China’s new PCs will be AI-powered by 2024, transforming the industry with on-device AI capabilities.
  • Lenovo leads with its “AI for All Pioneer” plan, anticipating AI PCs to be mainstream by 2024, reshaping user experiences.
  • AI PCs offer enhanced privacy, localization, and data handling, creating a secure and efficient alternative to cloud-based services.

In a groundbreaking development, more than half of all new computers sold in China, the world’s largest PC market, are projected to be AI PCs by 2024, according to a recent industry white paper. These AI PCs boast on-device artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing them to run AI applications locally, including popular ones like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. The adoption of AI PCs is anticipated to reshape and invigorate the personal computer industry, marking a significant departure from traditional computing norms.

Explosive growth in AI PC adoption

The white paper, a collaboration between Lenovo Group Ltd. and International Data Corp. (IDC), predicts a remarkable surge in AI PC adoption. In 2024, an estimated 54.7 percent of new PCs in China will be AI-enabled, skyrocketing from a mere 8.1 percent in the preceding year. This trend is expected to intensify, reaching an impressive 84.6 percent by 2027. Industry experts are hailing 2024 as the year when AI becomes a “must-have feature and mainstream choice” in the PC sector, as stated by Wang Jieping, IDC China’s vice president.

Lenovo’s pioneering role and AI for All pioneer plan

As a global leader in the PC market, Lenovo is at the forefront of this transformative shift. The company has unveiled its “AI for All Pioneers” plan, aimed at supporting developers and enticing consumers into the realm of new AI PCs. These innovative computers, characterized by deep integration of AI technology, boast high-powered processors and multi-modal algorithms, enabling them to ‘create and learn’ autonomously. This strategic move by Lenovo is poised to exert considerable influence, given its dominant position and extensive PC sales in China.

The two facets of AI PC evolution

The white paper underlines the dual nature of AI PC evolution—initially, as AI Ready models equipped with AI chips and capabilities, and subsequently as AI On models where AI models operate fully on the PCs. Presently, all AI PCs are categorized as AI-ready models, with ongoing efforts from major players such as AMD, Intel, HP, Microsoft, and others to propel this technological transition.

Growing ecosystems and industry collaborations

To foster the AI PC ecosystem, key industry players like Intel, Alibaba, and Kingsoft Office have joined the conversation. Intel, a leading CPU vendor globally, is set to release new chips for AI PCs in China, boasting an eightfold increase in AI capabilities. The AI PC boom is not only creating opportunities for PC manufacturers but also for a spectrum of related industries, including original design manufacturers, chip makers, and AI app developers.

One critical aspect of AI PCs contributing to their rapid adoption is their ability to generate and use data locally, as opposed to relying on cloud-based services. This not only ensures enhanced data privacy but also addresses concerns related to business patents, sensitive information protection, and copyright issues. Chinese developers are actively engaged in creating AI applications tailored for domestic consumers, further fueling the demand for AI PCs.

AI PC applications and prospects

Several Chinese firms are gearing up to introduce AI-powered applications for AI PCs. NetEase Youdao plans to launch its AI-driven oral English learning tool on these platforms, while Kingsoft Office aims to expand its WPS AI, often considered the Chinese counterpart to Microsoft’s Office, for AI PCs. The emphasis on keeping data locally handled, coupled with the power and capabilities of AI PCs, positions them as a secure and efficient alternative for users.

The surge in AI PC adoption in China signals a monumental shift in the PC industry landscape. With major players actively participating in this transformative journey, AI PCs are poised to become an integral part of everyday computing. As the industry gears up for this paradigm shift, the collaborative efforts of tech giants, coupled with a growing ecosystem, promise an exciting future where AI-driven personal computers redefine the way users interact with technology.

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