Glassnode warns traders to brace for extreme volatility during halving


  • Glassnode alerts traders to brace for significant market volatility around the halving.
  • The anticipated impact of the halving may be lessened by the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs, which are absorbing bitcoins at a rate that overshadows new miner production.
  • Unlike previous cycles where halvings led to bull markets due to reduced bitcoin supply, ETF demand is changing the game by potentially mitigating this scarcity effect.

Glassnode dropped a bombshell on traders everywhere: get ready for a wild ride as we edge closer to the Bitcoin halving. But before you bet the farm on past patterns, Glassnode’s latest insights suggest this time could be different, thanks to the heavyweight champ of the financial instruments arena: Bitcoin ETFs.

With the halving event on the horizon, traders are sharpening their pencils, trying to sketch out how this pivotal moment might reshape the market landscape. Unlike past cycles, where the halving acted like a green flag for bull runs, this cycle’s run-up has been anything but textbook. Bitcoin didn’t just climb the charts; it shattered ceilings, hitting an all-time high ahead of the halving. This plot twist has traders scratching their heads: is the halving going to fuel another surge, or have we entered a new era where different forces are at the wheel?

Halving vs. ETF Supply Sink

As we dive into the depths of the halving phenomenon, it’s clear that the game has changed. Traditionally, halving events cut the miners’ bounty in half, throttling the supply of new bitcoins and theoretically juicing up their value as scarcity kicks in. But this narrative might need a rewrite. The crypto market isn’t just playing by the old supply-and-demand rulebook anymore. Enter Bitcoin ETFs, the new kids on the block, gulping down bitcoins at a pace that makes the miners’ contributions look like a drop in the bucket.

Here’s the skinny: right now, miners toss around 900 BTC into the market daily. Post-halving, that number will slim down to 450 BTC. Old-school logic would say this scarcity should send prices to the moon. However, ETFs are on a shopping spree, yanking more BTCs out of circulation daily than miners are adding. This twist means the supply squeeze we’ve been banking on might already be happening, thanks to these ETF gluttons.

Yet, it’s not all about how much Bitcoin ETFs are stockpiling. Their moves can sway the market in both directions. If these funds start offloading BTC, it could unleash a tidal wave, making it crucial for traders to keep an eagle eye on ETF activity as the halving approaches.

Influence of Long-Term Holder Supply

Amidst the hullabaloo, we can’t overlook the old guard of Bitcoin: the long-term holders (LTHs). These folks, who clutch their Bitcoin like a treasure chest, play a major role in the market’s supply dynamics. Unlike their trigger-happy counterparts, the short-term holders, LTHs tend to hold steady through the market’s mood swings, making their stash a critical piece of the supply puzzle.

Glassnode sheds light on this with their Long-Term Holder Market Inflation Rate, a fancy way of saying they’re tracking how much Bitcoin these stalwarts are either hoarding or hurling into the market. This metric is a treasure map for traders, pointing to when the market might hit a supply-demand equilibrium or even a price peak.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the psychological mambo around halving events. In the past, halvings have been hyped up to the point where the actual event acts like a balloon losing air — a phenomenon known as a “sell-the-news” event. Take 2016, for example, when Bitcoin took a nosedive around the halving, showcasing the market’s knack for overreacting.

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