Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Before February: Finding the Hidden Gems in the Crypto Market


  • Rebel Satoshi is the torchbearer for Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision; this meme coin is close to getting launched.
  • Among other upsides, Fantom’s planned Sonic upgrade could provide the blockchain the competitive boost it needs.
  • Injective remains an excellent DEX platform due to its superiority in availing and building decentralized exchanges.

The hidden gems of crypto are often highly specialized projects like Fantom (FTM) and Injective (INJ). Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) is the opposite, a more accessible name appealing to those seeking a high-return crypto to buy

It’s a rebel-themed meme coin on a mission to defy the modern financial system. Best of all, it’s still in a presale, although this is ending soon. Let’s compare the prospects of each project, beginning with Rebel Satoshi.

Rebel Satoshi Carries Forward Satoshi Nakamoto’s Vision

Rebel Satoshi is a meme coin inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto‘s vision for decentralized finance. Despite the prevalence of DeFi, the traditional financial system still exists to the detriment of ordinary citizens oppressed by centralized organizations. Through the defiant spirits of Nakamoto and other rebellious figures, Rebel Satoshi represents a movement for monetary freedom.

Rebel Satoshi is also a setting for a unique blend of community-building, fun, and rebel culture expressed in various ways, such as with virtual gatherings and interactive games. The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame takes it up a notch, bringing laughter and garnering popularity for members with the best defiance-themed memes.

The foundation of these activities is an ecosystem with incentives from top DeFi coins enabled by the $RBLZ token. $RBLZ provides access to the charming Rebel NFT Vault, a marketplace where users trade 9,999 unique collectibles and digital art characters. Given that Rebel Satoshi is a proof-of-stake network, members can stake $RBLZ to maintain security and earn additional income.

The presale is in its last round, where you can buy $RBLZ for $0.022. Due to the demand, $RBLZ has surged 120% since the first stage from $0.010. Current buyers should capitalize on the 25% deposit bonus offered by Rebel Satoshi, with a 13.6% increase expected for the token (to $0.025) after presale.

The latter concludes this month, preceding Rebel Satoshi’s highly-anticipated official launch!

Sonic May Be Key To Phantom’s Future Success

While most top crypto coins rely on traditional distributed ledgers or blockchains, Fantom is among the few that don’t. Instead, it relies on DAGs or directed acyclic graphs, a system to bundle transactions on top of one another.

Experts have found this model impressively scalable, providing Fantom with a much-needed distinctive edge. Despite this technology, Fantom is in the most competitive arena of crypto, which revolves around Ethereum-based smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Like many top altcoins, Fantom looks to make its own virtual machine better to rely less on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This is one of the purposes for the upcoming ‘Sonic‘ upgrade. Other expected improvements include improving database storage and optimized consensus. Sonic is in a testnet form, with its launch expected in Spring this year.

While FTM is worth $0.34 (close to the yearly low of $0.30), estimates imply it can surpass $0.80 by 2025.

Injective Remains A Standout DEX Platform

Injective ranks much higher than Phantom in the market cap rankings. It offers a high-tech decentralized exchange that supports cross-chain margin and derivatives trading.

Injective isn’t only a user-facing platform. It also allows developers to create decentralized exchanges and other applications with near-zero gas fees. These capabilities make Injective a standout despite being much lower in the list of top 10 altcoins. Staking is another attractive aspect of Injective, providing much better rates than many projects.

Injective recently unlocked $150 million worth of INJ tokens last month. After dropping to a yearly low of $30.30 (expected for these events), INJ has recovered 14%, now worth $34.50. 

All in all, Injective is also an excellent name, like Fantom. Hence, many forecasts are bullish, indicating INJ could exceed $100 by next year.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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