Billionaire Tim Draper predicts Bitcoin price to reach $250,000 in 2024


  • Billionaire Tim Draper predicts Bitcoin hitting $250,000 in 2024, thanks to potential US ETF approval.
  • Draper sees even higher potential for Bitcoin with smart contracts and a friendlier US attitude.
  • The US awaits a Bitcoin ETF, making crypto more accessible to traditional investors.

Renowned billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper has made a bold prediction regarding the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2024. Draper anticipates that the leading cryptocurrency will surge to an impressive $250,000 within the next few years, citing a combination of factors that could drive its value to new heights.

Draper’s optimistic forecast for Bitcoin

In a recent conversation, Tim Draper expressed his bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s future. He forecasted a price of $250,000 for BTC by 2024 and hinted that this milestone could be achieved sooner than expected.

Draper’s optimism is grounded in several key factors, including the potential approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Draper’s prediction is not the first of its kind, as many industry experts and analysts have also been speculating about Bitcoin’s remarkable potential in the coming year. The anticipation surrounding the SEC’s possible approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF has fueled these expectations, with many eyeing early 2024 as a potential timeframe for its introduction.

Discussing his earlier Bitcoin forecast, Draper recalled how he had predicted a price of $250,000 for the cryptocurrency when it was trading at just $4,000. 

He noted that his initial forecast did not account for the cautious approach and regulatory hurdles the United States would encounter. Draper contrasted this with the more progressive stance taken by countries like El Salvador, where Bitcoin has been embraced as a legal tender.

“We are going through the boom cycle,” Draper emphasized, underscoring his belief that Bitcoin’s price could reach $250,000 in the near future. He further suggested that if it does hit this target, it could potentially surpass it, opening up new horizons for the cryptocurrency.

The spotlight on a US spot Bitcoin ETF

The cryptocurrency industry’s attention has been focused on the prospect of a Spot Bitcoin ETF gaining approval in the United States. This financial product could be a game-changer, allowing traditional investors easier access to Bitcoin while potentially driving up its demand and price.

A Spot Bitcoin ETF would enable investors to purchase Bitcoin through regulated exchanges, eliminating the need for them to hold and manage the cryptocurrency directly. This added convenience and regulatory oversight have sparked considerable excitement among market participants.

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