The Revolution will be Livestreamed


In Gil Scott-Heron’s words, the revolution will not be televised; if he were still alive, he might agree the revolution will be livestreamed and tokenized.

Why is Scott-Heron relevant now? Nothing much has changed since the poem was released in 1971; his voice still speaks to those who want change and know that change is not about what we watch on the TV or read on social media. It’s about how we must embrace the narrative and promote the story. Now more than ever, it’s essential to know that people control the livestream and have freedom of speech and a say over the visuals.

In the last line of the poem, he says, “The revolution will be live,” so imagine seeing history made as you watch, unfiltered, and happening in real-time. The revolution right there, and you should play your part; here’s how.

Play Your Part

Gen Z or millennials expect to be entertained and experience new and exciting ways of interacting with each other and the wider world. The post-pandemic world will leave the debt collector generation to ask, “what’s in it for me?”

Everyone wants and needs their five minutes of fame, but what if the fame continued? What if sharing your talent was not just about likes but about rewards and positive life enhancement? A generation brought up on Just Dance, or Dance Pad, now expect real-world experiences with the addition of a payday; being “woke” doesn’t mean you have to be broke.

Clubbing But Not As We Know It 

Imagine going to an old skool nightclub experience complete with a VIP room, and the ability to send a member a drink or ask them for a dance-off is all part of the night’s entertainment. Imagine asking Justin Beiber to sing for your birthday or asking for dating advice from Selena Gomez; anything is possible if you’re a member.

Think about how great it would be to send someone a gift or a tip because they made you laugh or promoted content that makes you feel engaged and heard. Creativity deserves recognition, so does inclusivity; a sense of being part of a club or team with like-minded people making history and getting rewarded is a phenomenon that should be applauded.

So how can you get involved? Become a contributor and have some fun?

Be a ZapCoin Contributor

With $ZapCoin, you can earn or spend, and trading is encouraged. Token holders have revenue share possibilities. It’s also possible to buy $ZapCoin and sit on it, use it as a savings policy, and watch the value grow over time.

Let’s think about the $ZapCoin concept for a moment. $ZapCoin is a currency to use, get revenue from, and watch it grow; think about this – if you bought $100 of bitcoin in 2010, you would be sitting on a  $48 million fortune today – excellent work if you can get it and believe me you can get it!

Use ZapLife to create events or contests, join in with celebrities or well-known influencers and bring your friends along.

ZapLife allows you to put your talents out there, sell your skills, no bank account required, and have fun while you do it, engage and be engaged, be part of the revolution. The relationship is made even more exciting by joining ZapLife and the increased spending power in $ZapCoin, proving that $ZapCoin is the key that unlocks the stage door to the world.

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