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Digital pound could replace cash, according to British politician Rishi Sunak

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• Britcoin is the new digital pound that will replace cash and be regulated and controlled by the Central Bank of England.
• British Chancellor and politician Rishi Sunak plans to implement an official cryptocurrency that would compete with cash.

This cryptocurrency, called Britcoin, promoted by Rishi Sunak, would be regulated and controlled by the UK Central Bank. Earlier this year, the politician Sunak established a team to develop and determine the presentation and launch of the electronic currency called Britcoin.

Consumers and investors can store and hold such currency in accounts linked to the UK Central Bank. Whether or not some interest will be applied is still being studied. Businesses, retailers, and merchants could also expand their payment methods and accept digital pound payments, along with debit cards and credit cards.

The British Central Bank will control the digital pound

According to crypto enthusiasts, this move could boost the financial market and profit during an economic or financial crisis. They claim that this new crypto asset could decrease the cost and time of online operations.

Experts and specialists say that the digital pound will allow the Uk Central Bank to give monetary support to people if an economic crisis occurs. In addition, they indicate that payments made online and money transfers could be cheaper, faster, and more secure. On the other hand, small businesses can benefit from reduced credit costs.

Cryptocurrency critics fear that this digital currency will lead the country into financial imbalance. They indicate that the bank will have instability and will not regulate the economy with interest rates and other policies. These critics have also said that this problem could lead to higher interest rates on mortgages and loans.

Official electronic currency to replace cash

The cash that people carry in their pockets or purses will now be replaced by a cryptocurrency or digital pound called Britcoin. This is a revolutionary new approach that British Chancellor Rishi Sunak has proposed.

It is estimated that the Sunak team will have a report with all the launch details before the end of 2021. Unlike existing virtual currencies, Britcoin would be a cryptocurrency backed and regulated by the UK Central Bank.

This whole process would prevent the value of this cryptocurrency from fluctuating wildly. Janet Yellen, an American economist and secretary of the country’s Treasury, suggested implementing a virtual dollar. China has also experimented and planned the creation of a currency called the digital yuan.

Likewise, the Europe Central Bank is studying the creation of a virtual Euro. The promoters of these new proposals see that it will be an innovative and revolutionary impulse that can directly benefit people’s credit accounts.

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