Tether shakes crypto world with $25M investment in Oobit


  • Tether invests $25M in Oobit, a mobile payment app, aiming for mainstream crypto adoption.
  • Oobit’s app allows crypto payments at over 100 million retailers worldwide, simplifying the use of digital assets for everyday transactions.
  • The investment aligns with Tether’s vision of financial inclusivity and its strategy to expand beyond its stablecoin roots into broader crypto ecosystem support.

Tether just threw a curveball into the cryptocurrency arena with a whopping $25 million investment into Oobit, a burgeoning mobile payment application. This isn’t just any cash infusion; it’s a strategic play by the largest name in the crypto industry, aiming to stretch the boundaries of digital finance into the everyday shopping experiences of millions. With this move, Tether is not just opening its wallet; it’s opening a new chapter in the quest for cryptocurrency’s mainstream adoption.

The Series A funding round, which just wrapped up, propels Oobit’s ambitious mission to bridge the gap between crypto holders and over 100 million retailers worldwide. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to Oobit, your digital wallet is about to get a whole lot more physical, with Visa and Mastercard getting into the mix. The simplicity of Tap & Pay is now not just for your plastic cards but for your digital stash of Tether, Bitcoin, and beyond.

Bringing Crypto Payments to Main Street

At the heart of this investment lies a vision both Tether and Oobit share: making cryptocurrency as commonplace as fiat in transactions. Oobit is setting the stage for a world where paying with crypto doesn’t elicit a puzzled look from the cashier. Instead, it’s as normal as swiping a card. The app’s integration with major payment networks signifies a leap towards achieving this, providing a seamless conduit for merchants to accept crypto without batting an eye.

This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about transformation. Oobit envisions future updates that will further smoothen the transaction process, ensuring merchants receive fiat currency effortlessly, all while maintaining the simplicity and familiarity of traditional credit card payments. Such advancements could revolutionize how we think about spending digital assets, making the crypto-to-fiat transaction as smooth as silk.

Tether’s Strategic Play in the Crypto Ecosystem

Tether’s involvement in Oobit’s funding round is more than just financial backing; it’s a strategic endorsement of Oobit’s potential to catalyze the widespread adoption of digital currencies. Paolo Ardoino, the voice at the helm of Tether, articulated the synergy between Tether’s aspirations for a financially inclusive world and Oobit’s technological innovations designed to lower entry barriers for crypto usage across the globe.

This investment marks another milestone in Tether’s journey beyond its stablecoin dominion. With a portfolio boasting over $2.8 billion in Bitcoin assets, as revealed in a recent audit, Tether is flexing its financial muscles and diversifying its interests across the crypto landscape. The company’s ambitious foray into sectors like AI, P2P telecommunications, and renewable energy underscores a broader vision that transcends its foundational stablecoin service.

Tether’s robust financial health, punctuated by a $2.85 billion profit last quarter, predominantly from gold and bitcoin holdings, speaks volumes about its strategic acumen and market foresight. Despite criticisms and regulatory hurdles, Tether’s resilience and adaptability have been its hallmark, mirroring the volatile yet unstoppable ascent of the crypto industry itself.

In a climate where the giants of Wall Street cast long shadows of skepticism, Tether’s investment in Oobit is a defiant stand against the status quo. Ardoino’s pointed rebuttal to JPMorgan’s critique highlights a broader narrative of crypto’s ongoing battle for legitimacy and acceptance in a financial ecosystem fraught with traditionalism and regulatory hesitance.

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