Tennessee Leads the Way with ELVIS Act to Safeguard Voice and Likeness


  • Tennessee passed the ELVIS Act, protecting voices and images from AI misuse.
  • Bipartisan support and celebrity advocacy paved the way for unanimous approval of the ELVIS Act.
  • The Recording Academy hailed the ELVIS Act as a milestone in safeguarding human creativity in the digital age.


Tennessee has taken a groundbreaking step in safeguarding individual voice and likeness rights by signing the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) Act into law by Governor Bill Lee. The ELVIS Act, named after the legendary icon Elvis Presley, aims to combat the growing threat of unauthorized artificial intelligence (AI) deep fakes and voice clones.

The ELVIS Act, introduced on January 10, garnered remarkable bipartisan support, culminating in its swift passage through the state legislature. State Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson and House Majority Leader William Lamberth spearheaded the presentation of the bill, which received unanimous approval in both the General Assembly chambers, with a resounding 93-0 vote in the House and 30-0 in the Senate. This unified support underscores the gravity of the issue and the collective commitment to protecting the rights of creatives.

Celebrity advocacy amplifies the cause

The ELVIS Act drew widespread support from notable figures in the creative community, including country guitarist Lindsay Ell, vocalist Natalie Grant, and Evanescence co-founder David Hodges. Their advocacy highlighted the potential dangers posed by unchecked AI deep fakes and voice clones, emphasizing the need for legislative action to safeguard artistic integrity. These influential voices played a crucial role in garnering support for the ELVIS Act and elevating awareness of the risks associated with AI-generated content.

Governor Bill Lee lauded the ELVIS Act as a landmark achievement in preserving Tennessee’s rich artistic heritage. He emphasized the state’s commitment to legal protections for its renowned artists and songwriters amidst the evolving technological landscape. With the ELVIS Act in place, Tennessee solidifies its position as a national leader in championing the rights of creatives and upholding the integrity of human artistry.

Recording Academy hails ELVIS Act as a milestone

The Recording Academy applauded the passage of the ELVIS Act as a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to safeguard human creativity in the age of AI. CEO Harvey Mason Jr. lauded the collaborative efforts that led to the enactment of the legislation, emphasizing the importance of protecting music creators from the risks posed by AI technology. Moving forward, the Recording Academy remains committed to supporting similar initiatives across the country to uphold the rights and dignity of artists.

In an era where advancements in AI technology pose unprecedented challenges to protecting individual rights and artistic integrity, Tennessee has emerged as a beacon of progress with the enactment of the ELVIS Act. This bipartisan effort, supported by influential voices in the creative community, reflects a collective commitment to preserving human artistry in the face of evolving technological threats. With the ELVIS Act now in effect, Tennessee sets a precedent for other states to follow in prioritizing the rights and protections of their artistic communities in the digital age.

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