Tech-Savvy Teens Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with AI Startups


  • Tech-savvy teenagers in Europe are ditching traditional jobs to launch their own AI startups, like 15-year-old Elliot Evertsson Norrevik with Roster AI.
  • Despite facing challenges balancing school and entrepreneurship, young founders like Sofia Dey Choudhury and Koza Kurumlu are making strides with Mathletico and Eleos AI.
  • With self-learning and online resources, these teenagers are reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape, challenging norms, and inspiring future generations in the tech industry.

A new generation of young entrepreneurs is changing the startup ecosystem throughout Europe in today’s quickly changing tech landscape. These young innovators, armed with coding skills and a passion for artificial intelligence (AI), are bypassing traditional teenage jobs to launch their AI startups. From Sweden to the United Kingdom, teenagers like Elliot Evertsson Norrevik, Sofia Dey Choudhury, and Koza Kurumlu are making waves with their entrepreneurial ventures, signaling a shift in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Tech-savvy teenagers taking the lead

Elliot Evertsson Norrevik, a 15-year-old entrepreneur from Stockholm, founded Roster AI, an AI customer service startup, projecting a revenue of $70k this year. His journey into the world of AI began at a young age when he discovered Python programming and was inspired by the capabilities of AI systems like DeepMind’s AlphaGo. With the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, Evertsson Norrevik saw an opportunity to leverage AI technology, leading to the creation of Roster AI. Despite facing hurdles due to his age, Evertsson Norrevik has successfully onboarded paying customers for his startup, demonstrating the potential of tech-savvy teenagers in the entrepreneurial landscape.

While these young entrepreneurs exhibit remarkable ingenuity and drive, they also face unique challenges on their entrepreneurial journey. Sofia Dey Choudhury, the 13-year-old co-founder of Mathletico, highlights the difficulty of balancing school work and entrepreneurship. Despite facing skepticism from peers, Dey Choudhury’s dedication paid off as Mathletico secured its first customer, Barking and Dagenham College. Similarly, Koza Kurumlu, co-founder of Eleos AI, emphasizes the importance of self-learning and resilience in facing challenges. With the rise of initiatives like Teens in AI, young entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to online resources to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry.

A glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship

As the next generation of entrepreneurs emerges, equipped with coding skills and a deep understanding of AI, the traditional notions of entrepreneurship are redefined. With a focus on creating meaningful impact, these young innovators are challenging the status quo and disrupting industries with AI-powered solutions. With initiatives like hackathon cash competitions fueling early development, the future looks promising for tech-savvy teenagers venturing into the world of startups. As they continue to make strides in the tech industry, millennials, Gen Z, and established entrepreneurs must prepare to embrace the rise of this new cohort of AI-armed CEOs.

The emergence of tech-savvy teenagers founding AI startups reflects a shift in the entrepreneurial landscape characterized by innovation, resilience, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact. As these young entrepreneurs continue pushing boundaries and challenging norms, they are paving the way for a future where age is no longer a barrier to success in the tech industry. With their bold vision and determination, they are shaping the future of entrepreneurship and inspiring generations to come.

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