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  • Tech media outlets introduce AI chatbot “Smart Answers” for reliable tech information.
  • Chatbot bridges gap between expansive tech archives and reader queries.
  • AI training focuses on accuracy, filtering out unreliable content.


In a recent move that showcases the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the realm of news publishing, a consortium of tech-oriented media outlets has introduced an AI chatbot to provide readers with reliable and relevant answers to their tech queries. This innovative approach seeks to bridge the gap between the expansive archives of Macworld, PCWorld, Tech Advisor, and TechHive, and the readers’ specific information needs.

A bridge and reliable information

The AI chatbot, christened as “Smart Answers,” comes as an attempt to harness the power of generative AI tools for a more purposeful application. Unlike many AI-powered tools that have inundated the media landscape with often inaccurate and sensational content, the goal here is not to merely generate content for ad revenue, but to provide readers with accurate and trustworthy responses to their tech-related questions.

Training the AI with editorial expertise

Behind the scenes, the process of developing Smart Answers involved meticulous training. The chatbot was exclusively trained using the vast repository of English-language articles from the four tech-oriented websites. This focused training regimen aimed to uphold the standards of reputable journalism, filtering out sponsored content and promotional posts that might compromise the accuracy of the responses.

From fact retrieval to user engagement

The driving force behind Smart Answers was the desire to cater to readers seeking specific pieces of information amidst the extensive ocean of tech journalism. Neil Bennett, the global director of product and data at Foundry, the company behind the initiative, acknowledged that while in-depth articles have their place, sometimes readers simply require quick facts. The chatbot thus emerges as a tool to address this need effectively and efficiently.

Striking the balance between accuracy and limitations

While the introduction of Smart Answers marks a significant stride in harnessing AI for journalism, it’s not without its challenges. The chatbot’s responses have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they match the quality an editor would provide. However, some queries have proven to be stumbling blocks for the AI. For instance, it initially misinformed users about the release date of the iPod Nano, highlighting the limitations of relying solely on past content.

AI and monetization a delicate balance

In a world where media outlets are increasingly relying on affiliate marketing and ad revenue, Smart Answers introduces a unique approach to monetization. The chatbot doesn’t merely provide information; it also includes purchasing options related to users’ queries. This innovative integration of affiliate links aligns with the idea that users seeking information about a product are potential buyers. The chatbot thus acts as both an information provider and a revenue generator.

A tool for engagement amidst evolving landscape

As generative AI continues to reshape the digital landscape, media outlets are grappling with how to retain their audiences. Google’s AI-driven Search Generative Experience, for example, poses a challenge to traditional traffic sources. The creators of Smart Answers, however, understand that the chatbot won’t single-handedly replace lost Google traffic. Instead, it aims to deepen the engagement of users who are already on the platform, providing them with a tailored and interactive experience.

AI as an asset, not a replacement

Addressing concerns about the potential displacement of human journalists, Marie Black, the editorial director at Foundry, emphasized that Smart Answers isn’t a threat to their skilled journalists. Instead, it serves as a tool that relies on the expertise of these journalists to function effectively. The chatbot’s responses are rooted in the depth and breadth of the content produced by the editorial team, ensuring that every reader’s question can be addressed in a knowledgeable manner.

A new frontier for tech journalism

In the ever-evolving landscape of journalism, where AI tools have been both lauded and criticized, the introduction of Smart Answers by tech outlets like Macworld, PCWorld, Tech Advisor, and TechHive marks a new frontier. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to providing readers with accurate, trustworthy, and accessible information through the integration of AI technology. As media organizations continue to navigate the digital era, Smart Answers stands as a beacon of innovation that seeks to enhance the reader experience while upholding the integrity of tech journalism.

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