TaxBit and BlockFi partner to offer US clients new Tax Center


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• Tax audits on cryptocurrencies have increased in 2021.
• BlockFi promises that its platform will be easy to use with an automated system.

BlockFi announces that it has united with TaxBit. This union between the financial system company and the accounting software platform can bring good news to the wealth management service.

From today all users in BlockFi can enter various tax options from the official platform. These services contain tax organization, tax announcements, enhanced trading, and tax loss organization. This tax center will be available only in the United States for all clients registered on the website.

BlockFi will change the audit of crypto transactions


By 2019, the internal revenue service agency created verifications for cryptocurrency users. These audits escalated to such a level that tax reports for crypto were high.

With the TaxBit accounting platform, the BlockFi company can track each user’s information about crypto transfers giving more profitable verifications. The financial plan company can also offer hassle-free processing to track any transfers outside of their platform.

But BlockFi will give users various tools to monitor their tax liability on the platform throughout the year. Shortly, users can allow the platform to make automatic transfers to other clients. In this way, users can have a very efficient list of all tax losses.

TaxBit and BlockFi will facilitate fiscal operations

Within the tax services platform, users can find basic data on the net loss. But it will also be possible to view the complete losses collected in the current tax year.

BlockFi CEO Zac Prince believes that the company uses new technology to have a better tax order. Prince knows crypto investors feel disoriented with the tax payment, and that is why he offers them an automated system. With TaxBit, the cryptocurrency company seeks to open the way to complex tax operations and make them look simpler.

Austin Woodward, TaxBit CEO, clarifies that he is encouraged by the partnership with BlockFi and the platform’s upcoming launch for fiscal operations with cryptos. The tax platform would correspond to the first of its kind to contact an automated tax tool system. Clients will have data on tax losses and royalties every day and have access to tax-loss regrouping tools.

Using tax verification against cryptocurrencies has increased in the United States, and they have been part of the new regulations. The user must announce crypto transactions with Bitcoin that exceed $10000 to avoid legal problems.

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