Spiderman torrent contains malicious XMR mining programs

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• Researchers suggest that the movie’s torrent could have programs that affect the PC operation.
• Crypto scams target Spiderman “No Way Home” on torrent.

Cyber scams have been unleashed in the crypto world with the third Spider-man movie called “No Way Home,” A malware linked to the Marvel movie and cryptos is a novelty in the financial market. This malicious program would be installed without authorization by a cloud mining system inside a torrent.

According to investigations, XRM mining is copied within the download file in a torrent of Russian origin. It would be the first time a malicious program linked to crypto mining would break into a movie’s fan computers.

Spiderman movies in torrents could be affecting computers


Among other details offered by the investigations, a Spider-man movie with harmful programs could possibly be undergoing rampant sharing on a Russian torrent website. This specific movie has been used to filter out permissionless mining programs because of its popularity. The Spider-Man trilogy has been a success, and after this arrived the third film, its piracy via torrents has skyrocketed.

The Spider-Man movie has reportedly grossed over $1 billion within two weeks of its release. With this boom in the movie universe, criminals created a strategy to generate easy money.

Police agents confess that the hackers are using legitimate names, so the malicious program goes unnoticed by the antivirus. The malicious software probably has a mechanism that bypasses the Windows Firewall.

What happens to the computer if cloud mining is used?

Although research clarifies that the harmful program does not affect computer performance, it interferes with energy consumption. Cloud mining for cryptocurrencies requires a lot of energy, interfering with paying bills. Basically, by downloading Spiderman in pirated version, a person could damage his computer in a matter of months.

These crypto scams have increased in 2021 after the rise of the main tokens like Bitcoin. The leading cryptocurrency in the decentralized market reached a value of $60000, corresponding to its ATH.

Reports also indicate this Spiderman file with XRM is used to mine the Monero token trading at $233.46. The illegal crypto-mining using the computer of the victims who download the movie torrent may slow down the computer by usually up to 10 percent.

Now Spider-Man fans should be more careful what they download to avoid exposing their computers to scams. The best thing they can do is see the movie in theaters to avoid piracy.

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