South African regulator considers mandating local offices for crypto firms


  • South Africa’s crypto industry booming.
  • Overseas crypto firms may need local offices.
  • FCSA aims for innovation with regulation.

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FCSA) of South Africa is contemplating a new regulatory requirement that could have a significant impact on cryptocurrency firms operating within the country. The proposed mandate would compel cryptocurrency companies headquartered overseas to establish a local office in South Africa.

This development follows the findings of a recent Crypto Asset Market Study, which revealed that a substantial portion of crypto firms conducting business in South Africa are based abroad, estimated at around 10%. The FCSA justifies this potential regulation by emphasizing the need for a physical presence to facilitate proper oversight and accountability.

High concentration of crypto asset users in South Africa

South Africa has emerged as one of the leading African nations in terms of crypto adoption, boasting a substantial user base for digital assets. The study also unveiled that a majority of crypto asset service providers in the country cater to retail customers, with cryptocurrency exchanges being the predominant type of business within this sector.

The market study further highlighted that most crypto asset service providers in South Africa offer financial services predominantly using unbacked crypto assets, with Bitcoin and Ethereum accounting for 60% of these transactions. Stablecoins, such as USD Coin and Binance Coin, make up 26% of the market.

In light of the rapid expansion of the cryptocurrency industry in South Africa, the regulator acknowledges the need to either develop or refine the existing regulatory framework. This adaptation aims to strike a balance between addressing crypto asset-specific risks and fostering innovation without undue stifling.

Applications for crypto asset service provider licenses

The FCSA reported that it had received a substantial number of applications for crypto asset service provider licenses, totaling over 128 applications  However, the regulator has issued a stern warning to unlicensed crypto firms, cautioning them that they risk facing closure by the end of the year if they fail to comply with the forthcoming regulations.

The contemplated regulatory change, which would mandate overseas-based cryptocurrency firms to establish local offices, is driven by the FCSA’s quest for enhanced oversight and accountability. This move seeks to ensure that entities conducting crypto-related activities within South Africa are subject to appropriate regulatory scrutiny.

The FCSA believes that requiring overseas crypto firms to maintain a physical presence in South Africa will contribute significantly to the local accountability and transparency of their operations. By doing so, the regulatory authority can exercise more effective supervision over these firms, ultimately safeguarding the interests of South African consumers and investors.

South Africa’s crypto landscape

South Africa’s burgeoning cryptocurrency landscape has attracted a considerable number of players, with crypto exchanges being the primary business model. The adoption of various crypto assets, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, underscores the growing popularity of digital currencies in the country. Stablecoins like USD Coin and Binance Coin have also found their place in the market.

While South Africa’s cryptocurrency market continues to grow rapidly, the FCSA is keen on striking a delicate balance between fostering innovation and ensuring that the regulatory framework is robust enough to manage potential risks. This approach aims to create an environment where crypto-related businesses can thrive while safeguarding the financial interests and security of South African citizens.

The FCSA’s warning to unlicensed crypto firms operating in South Africa underscores the regulator’s commitment to enforcing compliance with its evolving regulatory framework. Non-compliant entities face the risk of being shut down, emphasizing the seriousness of adhering to the forthcoming regulations.

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