Smartchem – an ecofriendly, Blockchain Cleaning Project now listed on cryptocurrency exchanges Coinsbit and Uniswap – meant for a Greener, Safer and Healthier Environment, free of Water Pollution


A German-based DeepTech company, intelligent fluids GmbH, has announced its new green chemistry blockchain project – Smartchem. The revolutionary project which was designed to protect the planet from water pollution through a safe, solvent-free method of stripping and cleaning, has already been listed on popular cryptocurrency exchange which is fully compliant with EU regulation. It also has been listed on a major decentralized exchange –

Toxic substances are harmful to the human environment and the Intelligent Fluids team has offered to combat their impacts by introducing the Smartchem Project which welcomes the post-solvent era. The project is particularly focused on saving the Planet from high-impact water pollutions by ensuring healthy living in a greener, cleaner and safer environment.

Based on market research, no other cleaning firm in the industry has developed such a solution or project before. This makes intelligent fluids a leading cleaning and stripping agent ahead of its competitors such as DOW, DuPont, Mitsubishi, BASF, Kanto, Technic, and others which it now sees as potential customers and sales partners that may consider reselling its unique cleaners to their clients as a better solution as soon as new, stricter regulations begin to restrict their own chemical products.

The project aims to help clean stained or harmful products, globally, through a physical mechanism rather than applying aggressive substances. It deploys the use of SMAC Token (Smartchem), the project’s official token is on the Ethereum blockchain. Interested participants can buy these tokens from and With many more listings to come, it is a very exciting time to help the project keep the Planet safe, ensuring a sustainable and greener environment for all.

SmartChem Token SMAC is rewarding clients who jump from harmful solvents to Green Chemistry. The faster they change to the sustainable new fluids the more discount they will get on their fluid purchases.

Plans and Prospects

The company plans to raise funds through its ICO to expand its presence and operations to other countries. It plans to expand production sites to Asia, the U.S, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. In Europe, its annual production is set to rise from 500 tons to over 13,500 tons.

By 2030, the company aims to have undertaken up to 1% of the entire Oil&Gas cleaning business which is worth about $10 billion. It also plans to develop more products and expand its international customer base, including microelectronics, maintenance, oil&gas, among others. It is organizing an ICO to raise capital and strengthen the project. 

The team, led by Christian Römlein, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Christian Raeck, Chief Operation Officer and Dr. Alexander M. Breul, Chief Technical Officer, is looking forward to further developing its sales team and bringing about an exponential market expansion, by 2023. It has designed a ten-year roadmap to achieve these targets.

SMAC Token is available for purchase on and Following the growing demand for SMAC Token, it soon will be listed on more exchanges.

About intelligent fluids GmbH

intelligent fluids GmbH is a tech-based company in the chemical cleaning industry that specializes in the development of solvent-free stripping and cleaning solutions that ensure the safety of the environment, especially from water pollution. It complies strictly with the United Nations goals and EU regulations on global environmental safety and supports intrinsically 10 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Its products are for customers in both microelectronics and maintenance markets. It has JDAs (Joint Development Agreements) or initiated qualifications with leading companies in the international microelectronics and maintenance markets. Intelligent fluids is the Global Green Product Award Winner 2021 for circular materials, the Imagine Chemistry Winner 2019 and also won the Blockchain Award from BTC-TV.

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