Smart wallet signals potential XRP price movement


  • Smart wallets linked to XRP’s past may predict future prices, catching investors’ interest.
  • Wallets activated in 2013-2014, like “Musk,” made key transfers before XRP’s peak in 2017.
  • Monitoring these wallets could forecast XRP price changes, given its sluggish growth versus other cryptos.

A recent discovery by XRP Liquidity on X, a prominent XRP liquidity tracker, has drawn attention to a smart wallet potentially linked to future price movements of Ripple‘s cryptocurrency, XRP. This wallet, identified by the tag “Musk,” has sparked interest within the investment community due to its historical activity and connections to influential figures in various fields.

XRP origins and activation

The smart money wallet and several others bearing tags, such as Isaac Newton, Andreessen, Turing, Sagan, and Faraday, were activated between 2013 and 2014, shortly after XRP entered the trading sphere. 

The whale behind these wallets initiated with the Sagan wallet in June 2013, followed by Isaac Newton and Musk in November of the same year. These wallets have since activated additional addresses, ultimately leading to the emergence of an untagged wallet known as rpdfM4K.

Of particular interest is the behavior of the untagged wallet, rpdfM4K, which received all XRP holdings from the previously mentioned addresses on August 26, 2017, accumulating a substantial sum of 20 million XRP. 

Notably, in December 2017, this wallet transferred 2.99 million XRP to Bitstamp just days before XRP reached its record high of $3.31. This transaction occurred amidst a bullish wave for XRP, with the price soaring to its all-time high just 21 days later.

Implications and future monitoring

Since the significant transfer in December 2017, the wallet has retained approximately 17 million XRP. XRP Liquidity on X advises the investment community to monitor this wallet closely, suggesting that similar future transfers could indicate impending significant price movements for the cryptocurrency.

At the time of reporting, XRP is trading at $0.5577, representing a 0.16% increase over the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. This uptick in price comes amid perceptions of sluggish growth for XRP compared to other cryptocurrencies, underscoring the challenges and opportunities inherent in the digital asset landscape.

The discovery of a smart wallet linked to historical XRP price movements has piqued the interest of investors and analysts alike. With its connections to influential figures and its track record of timely transfers preceding significant price movements, the wallet’s activity could provide valuable insights into future XRP value trends. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, monitoring such indicators becomes increasingly vital for informed decision-making within the investment community.

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