SendingNetwork Launches Testnet for Bandwidth Mining, Redefining Decentralized Communication Infrastructure


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Austin, Texas, March 13th, 2024, Chainwire

SendingNetwork, communication infrastructure for web3, today announced the launch of its testnet for bandwidth mining. This launch is set to revolutionize the way we utilize bandwidth around the world. Through the implementation of an incentive testnet, rigorous security measures, and a clear roadmap towards token launch, SendingNetwork is dedicated to building a robust, secure, and community-driven network.

By participating, node providers can transform bandwidth into a valuable asset that enhances the network, earning SendingNetwork Points in the process. This initiative not only promotes the efficient use of bandwidth but also lays the foundation for a decentralized network designed to encourage the sharing of bandwidth, creating a more secure, scalable and decentralized communication infrastructure.

SendingNetwork’s approach is distinguished by its utilization of internet bandwidth, channeling this underleveraged resource into a dedicated decentralized layer optimized for secure and efficient web3 communications. To enhance network reliability and safeguard against threats like fabricated relay workloads, SendingNetwork is implementing state-of-the-art security measures and expanding the decentralized network infrastructure, thereby increasing the node count to boost relay strength. 

“As we unveil the testnet for bandwidth mining, we’re not just introducing a new technology; we’re reshaping the very fabric of digital communication. Our mission is to leverage the potential of bandwidth, transforming it into a driving force for a decentralized, secure, and community-powered network,” said Joeyz Yu, Co-Founder and CEO of Sending Labs. 

SendingNetwork stands on a three-layer client-edge-blockchain architecture. It’s a blend of blockchain tech, P2P, and end-to-end encryption. Client layer is a place where your data resides securely encrypted on your device with end-to-end encryption capabilities based on double ratchet algorithms. Edge nodes layer facilitate information transfer without compromising privacy. They are the core miner of the network. Edge Node’s primary resources are bandwidth and storage, helping cache encrypted messages for offline users and establishing high-speed communication channels with online users. The Blockchain layer acts as a registrar for user DID information and a coordinator for Edge resources.

Current digital communication networks face issues of inefficiency and security vulnerabilities, limiting privacy and user control. SendingNetwork addresses these challenges by introducing a decentralized platform that leverages P2P relay networks and various client modes with blockchain technology for secure, scalable messaging. It offers an innovative mining solution, rewarding participants for sharing bandwidth based on usage, duration, and demand. This approach promotes active engagement, ensures operational transparency and security, and prioritizes a stable integration of technologies. SendingNetwork aims to set a new standard for internet and communication services, focusing on decentralization and empowering users.

We invite developers, users, and advocates of digital communication innovation to join our testnet, contributing to a landmark project that promises to shape the future of how we connect, communicate, and collaborate online. For further information on SendingNetwork and to participate in the testnet, please visit SendingNetwork’s official website.

About Sending Network

SendingNetwork is a decentralized social network that puts power back in the hands of its users, redefining communication with a revolutionary 3-layer architecture. With SendingNetwork, you can seamlessly receive messages across any messenger built on top of SendingNetwork, ensuring your conversations stay fluid and borderless; take full control of your social assets with built-in decentralized identifiers (DIDs), empowering you with complete ownership; communicate securely with friends through end-to-end encryption, providing you with privacy that’s second to none and merge chat, payments, and trading in one unified experience, simplifying your digital life.

Designed for permissionless, interoperable, and self-sovereign communication, SendingNetwork facilitates seamless interactions across wallets and applications, inviting you to secure your digital conversations like never before.

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