SEC subpoenas companies to classify Ether as a security


  • SEC probes Ether classification and the Ethereum Foundation is investigated, hinting at a crypto regulation shift.
  • Celsius aims to recover $2B from pre-bankruptcy withdrawals, offers settlements, and adjusts assets’ values.
  • Binance rewards insider trading tips amidst allegations and assures community transparency.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has initiated a series of subpoenas directed at companies in its pursuit of categorizing Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, as a security. This move marks a significant development in the ongoing regulatory scrutiny surrounding digital assets.

Investigation targets the Ethereum Foundation

Reports indicate that the SEC’s investigation has extended to the Ethereum Foundation, the non-profit organization responsible for developing the Ethereum blockchain. The outcome of this investigation could potentially grant the SEC regulatory jurisdiction to label Ether as a security, significantly impacting its status within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Ethereum Foundation hinted at the investigation through its GitHub platform, suggesting it may also be under scrutiny from state authorities. Furthermore, several U.S.-based companies have reportedly received requests from the SEC to provide documents and financial records related to their dealings with the Ethereum Foundation, indicating the breadth of the regulatory inquiry.

In other news, bankrupt crypto lender Celsius is actively seeking to recover funds amounting to $2 billion from major customers who withdrew from the platform just before its bankruptcy in July 2022. A Celsius bankruptcy oversight committee has initiated efforts to contact customers who withdrew more than $100,000 before the platform’s downfall to utilize potential returned funds to compensate customers who did not withdraw in time.

The committee offers affected customers a favorable settlement rate to encourage cooperation, coupled with the threat of litigation for non-compliance. Customers who opt for settlement will have their notional digital assets adjusted based on their value in July 2022, a period characterized by the crypto bear market.

SEC faces sanctions over bad faith actions

A United States district court has imposed sanctions on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its actions deemed to be in “bad faith” during a lawsuit against Debt Box. The court rebuked the SEC for misleading the court about evidence it obtained to secure a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against Debt Box. Judge Robert J. Shelby criticized the SEC for misrepresenting evidence, particularly regarding a $720,000 transfer, which was incorrectly claimed to have been sent overseas when it was, in fact, a domestic transaction.

Crypto exchange Binance has announced a reward program offering $100,000 to $5,000,000 for reports on potential insider trading or corruption within the exchange. This announcement comes amidst allegations of insider trading surrounding the Solana-based memecoin Book of Meme (BOME) listing. Ahead of the listing, a significant purchase of BOME tokens on a decentralized exchange sparked community speculation, with some questioning the possibility of insider involvement.

In response to these allegations, Binance has taken steps to address concerns raised within the community, highlighting the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity within the cryptocurrency market.

Legal battle over sentencing for former FTX CEO

In a separate development, lawyers representing former FTX CEO Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried have criticized their client’s proposed maximum sentence of 50 years in prison. They argue that such a sentencing proposal invokes a “medieval” view of punishment and fails to accurately reflect the severity of Bankman-Fried’s alleged crimes. The legal team has challenged the government’s portrayal of Bankman-Fried, asserting that it distorts reality and portrays him unfairly.

As the legal proceedings continue, stakeholders closely monitor developments surrounding Bankman-Fried’s case and its potential implications for the broader cryptocurrency industry.

The recent developments within the cryptocurrency landscape underscore the growing regulatory scrutiny and legal challenges facing industry participants. From the SEC’s efforts to classify Ether as a security to the legal battles and allegations surrounding prominent figures and exchanges, the crypto market remains in flux, navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance and investor protection. As stakeholders await further clarity and resolution, the implications of these developments reverberate throughout the broader financial ecosystem.

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