Saudi Arabia to Transform Higher Education for Future Jobs


  • Saudi Arabia is updating its higher education to match job market needs, focusing on areas like AI and tourism as part of Vision 2030. 
  • The country aims to bridge the gap between current education and future job requirements by introducing specialized fields. 
  • This move will boost local talent and open new opportunities in the private sector, supporting economic growth and diversification.

In a recent move, Saudi Arabia is transforming its higher education system. This change aligns with Vision 2030, aiming to meet the job market’s demands. A recent report by Colliers, a global professional services firm, sheds light on this significant shift. The Kingdom is setting its sights on industries like artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and tourism. It’s an indication of a new era of economic diversification and job creation for Saudi nationals.

Education and market needs

The job space in Saudi Arabia is driven by the Kingdom’s strategic push towards Saudization and economic diversification. Traditional degrees are making way for specialized fields such as robotic sciences and nuclear energy. Colliers highlights a growing need for higher education institutions to adapt to these market changes. As the country invests heavily in tourism, creating thousands of jobs, the education sector must advance to supply skilled professionals. This transition aims to bridge the current gap between graduates’ skills and the real-world requirements of employers.

With nearly 2 million Saudis enrolled in higher education, the focus is now on steering students towards sectors with high job potential. Despite the high enrollment, there’s a noticeable misalignment with market needs. This is noticed in fields like hospitality and renewable energy. The government’s Saudization initiative mandates increasing the percentage of the Saudi workforce in tourism. This is due to a push to host 130 million tourists annually by 2030. Efforts are underway to establish dedicated hospitality academies and introduce tourism-related programs in universities. This educational change is not just about creating jobs but ensuring that Saudis are well-prepared to excel in these roles.

Saudi Arabia expands education

The transition also opens doors for the private sector to play a larger role in education. It’s encouraging the establishment of branch campuses of international universities in Saudi Arabia. This move balances public and private educational offerings. All Saudis will have a variety of educational options, regardless of their financial background. Having a transparent and stable regulatory environment is crucial for attracting private investment in the education sector, ensuring quality education for all.

Saudi Arabia’s higher education transformation is a cornerstone of its Vision 2030 plan. The Kingdom is laying the groundwork for a diversified economy and a prosperous future for its citizens. This strategic pivot strengthen the nation’s position as a leader in emerging industries and tourism on the global stage.

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