Saudi Arabia launches metaverse platform to commemorate culture on founding day


  • Saudi Arabia launched a metaverse, the Cultural Universe, for digital cultural heritage preservation using blockchain and AI technologies.
  • The platform provides an immersive exploration of Saudi history and culture, featuring voice narrations and mini-games, accessible on various devices.
  • This initiative highlights Saudi Arabia’s commitment to using innovative technology for cultural promotion and economic growth, positioning it as a leader in the metaverse space.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture has launched a pioneering metaverse platform to showcase the nation’s rich cultural heritage. This innovative initiative was unveiled on Saudi Arabia’s founding day.

Bridging the past and future through technology

The Cultural Universe metaverse, which went live on Feb. 22, is a digital realm constructed on Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology and developed by droppGroup’s Generative Media Intelligence AI system, droppPhygital. This virtual world adopts a first-person shooter format to facilitate navigation, allowing users to explore a meticulously crafted path that unfolds the extensive history of Saudi Arabia, dating back to 1727. As users traverse this path, they encounter virtual representations of historical events, which, when approached, trigger detailed voice narrations in Arabic, though an English version is not yet available.

This immersive experience extends beyond mere historical exploration, encompassing various sectors related to Saudi heritage, such as music, art, history, food, and crafts. Additionally, it features mini-video games, further enriching the user experience. The platform is accessible through multiple mediums, including websites, mobile devices, virtual reality headsets, and other digital devices, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. This inclusivity aligns with the Ministry of Culture’s commitment to enabling a diverse global audience to engage with Saudi culture.

A cultural revolution in the digital era

The Saudi Ministry of Culture perceives the launch of the Cultural Universe metaverse as a “transformative moment” in cultural preservation and promotion. It represents a shift towards leveraging advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI to revolutionize how global audiences access and understand cultural heritage.

With Saudi Arabia at the forefront, the Middle East is advancing beyond the hype surrounding the metaverse to harness its potential for economic and cultural development. Samuel Huber, CEO of LandVault, a metaverse firm collaborating with regional government agencies, highlighted the significant interest from Middle Eastern governments, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, in digitalizing their infrastructure. These efforts aim to create dynamic economies and enhance the citizen experience, with the metaverse being identified as a key pillar in this strategic vision.

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