Satoshi Nakamoto’s emails spill early Bitcoin secrets


  • Martti Malmi released 120 pages of email exchanges with Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator, on GitHub, offering insights into Bitcoin’s early development.
  • The term “cryptocurrency” was not coined by Satoshi but was suggested by someone else, challenging previous beliefs.
  • Satoshi emphasized the importance of distinguishing between true anonymity and pseudonymity in Bitcoin’s design to prevent backlash from privacy breaches.

A gold mine of conversations from the early days of blockchain crypto has been discovered, highlighting the initial talks between Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and one of his first partners, Martti Malmi. This discovery was made when Malmi posted 120 pages of their email chats on GitHub on February 23. These documents were first brought up as proof in a court case in London involving the Crypto Open Patent Alliance and Craig Wright—who controversially continues to insist that he is Satoshi.

The intrigue around Satoshi’s true identity has always been a big talking point in the crypto and blockchain industry. Even though I went into with high hopes and inexplicable excitement, I am afraid these emails don’t reveal this well-kept secret. Instead, they open a window to the core values and ideas that shaped Bitcoin’s early days, showing the same practical and level-headed way of thinking that’s seen in the original Bitcoin white paper.

Cryptocurrency’s Vocabulary and Anonymity

A notable discovery from the emails is where the term “cryptocurrency” came from. Against what many thought, an email from June 11, 2009, shows that Satoshi didn’t come up with the term. Satoshi disclosed that the term “cryptocurrency” was suggested by an unidentified individual as a descriptor for Bitcoin. Satoshi, inquiring about the term’s suitability for Bitcoin, asked for Martti Malmi’s opinion on its use. Malmi responded affirmatively, endorsing the term and noting its appeal over the previously considered “digital P2P cash.”

The conversation also goes into the idea of being anonymous on the Bitcoin network. Satoshi talked about the subtle difference between being completely anonymous and using pseudonyms, advising careful thought to prevent unexpected backlash from privacy issues. This forward-thinking is impressive, coming before the rise of blockchain analysis that could later reveal such privacy issues. But then again, we all know Satoshi is a genius.

What Else Did They Talk About?

The chat between Satoshi and Malmi was also about technical details and strategies for Bitcoin. They talked about everything from the details of Bitcoin’s API and possibly using wxWidgets for talking between processes, to how to compile Bitcoin on different systems.

Moreover, Satoshi’s emails show a sharp understanding of the wider financial world and where Bitcoin fits in it. Plans for trading Bitcoin for other currencies, thoughts on payment processors, and ideas to keep Bitcoin’s value stable through outside exchanges show a thorough plan to make Bitcoin a workable digital currency.

The emails also mention ways to get more people to use Bitcoin, like offering money incentives for businesses to accept Bitcoin. Satoshi’s replies to these ideas give us a look into his practical and cautious way of thinking about growth, focusing on making people confident in turning Bitcoin into regular money rather than just offering small rewards.

Additionally, the emails highlight the technical problems early Bitcoin developers faced, like dealing with spam on forums, the need for email checks to stop misuse, and finding the right balance between being open and secure in how the community talks. Satoshi’s answers to these issues show a balanced approach to leading, putting the safety and honesty of the Bitcoin project first while dealing with the realities of building a community that isn’t controlled by any one place or person.

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