Samecoin—The One Stop Shop For Modern Blockchain Applications


With Samecoin’s ecosystem of stablecoins and blockchain solutions like SameID and SamePay, both businesses and customers can enjoy a huge range of benefits.

Samecoin makes it easy for anyone to understand the value of their digital currency and use it for everyday purchases, alongside a range of applications to help make it easier for them. While many of these solutions have their own standalone benefits, you’ll soon see how using all of them together could be even more worthwhile. Whether you’re a business looking to appeal to a wider market and make the most of faster transaction times or whether you’re a consumer who wants to use crypto effectively as a spendable currency, Samecoin could be for you.

Let’s have a look at what Samecoin has to offer.

Samecoin Protocol’s utility token

The main utility token for the ecosystem known as Samecoin ($SAME). This can be bought in fundraising sales, or earned as rewards for performing certain activities. It can also be staked for vSamecoin, which is used to vote on the governance of the entire platform. Holders of Samecoin get reduced fees when using the SamePay platform.

Samecoin’s stablecoins

Samecoin’s family of stablecoins like SameUSD and SameEUR make it easy for anyone to understand the value of online products and services. One SameUSD will always equal $1, so complicated calculations won’t be needed for everyday purchases. Users also won’t have to worry that the price will have fluctuated a lot before the transaction goes through, or that spending their crypto now will be a mistake if it increases value in the future. This makes SameUSD and other Samecoin stablecoins the future of actual usable currency online, rather than just investments like Bitcoin.


SamePay is a standalone app that makes it easier than ever to trade or exchange cryptos, and also sending digital currencies to someone else. The fees for SamePay are already one of the lowest in the market, making it competitive when compared to many other options available today. However, when users of SamePay also hold the Samecoin utility token, they’ll get even greater reductions on fees—making adoption of the entire Samecoin system hugely beneficial.


SameID is a completely secure authentication system that’s backed by blockchain technology. For businesses, you can make it easier for anyone to start spending money on your products by simplifying the entire registration process by enabling SameID.

For people who want to either trade or transact with crypto, SameID makes things much easier. Instead of having to remember complicated wallet addresses, simply enter someone’s SameID and send or receive funds. This speeds up the entire process and makes transacting with cryptocurrencies much less complicated—making mass adoption more likely as more people can understand exactly what to do even if they aren’t tech-savvy (or don’t have the time).

That’s why the entire Samecoin ecosystem of applications could be the future in the blockchain-backed payments arena. And it’s why more and more businesses and consumers are deciding to adopt Samecoin and its stablecoins.

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