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Retail firm Grupo Elektra adds Bitcoin as a payment option

Grupo Elektra

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Grupo Elektra adds Bitcoin as a payment option
  • Users will earn rewards when they pay with Bitcoin
  • Salinas Pliego continues to preach about Bitcoin

The crypto market is increasing as the days go by, with more traders taking advantage of the use case in the sector. With this, the sector’s total market cap is soaring higher as the days roll by. In this regard, a retail firm in Mexico, Grupo Elektra, has announced that it will start accepting payments for its goods and services in leading digital asset Bitcoin.

Grupo Elektra floats rewards for Bitcoin payments

Grupo Elektra is a subsidiary retail company floated by Grupo Salinas, a company owned by one of the richest men in the world. The owner, Ricardo Salina Pliego, is one of the top three richest men across Mexico. Salinas has shown strong solidarity with the leading digital asset in the last few years, tweeting in favor of it.

A recent tweet by Grupo Elektra mentioned that the move cements its position as the first-ever company out of Mexico to add any form of digital asset as one of its payment options. In another post by Salina Pliego on the microblogging platform Twitter, he said that certain users are open to earning some percentage off if they purchase some products. However, the discount which could see users reduce their checkout by 20% provided they pay with Bitcoin will be in the works till the end of the year.

Salinas Pliego continues to preach about Bitcoin

Going by the information plastered around its website, users who patronize the physical Grupo Elektra store and its online platform will be able to use the service. The company has also announced that it had enlisted the help of Bitpay, a crypto exchange to help it facilitate the payments in Bitcoin.

The billionaire Salinas Pliego has talked a lot about the prospect of Bitcoin while spelling out certain things he intends to do with the digital asset. One such has been his much talked about addition into his bank, which will make the financial institution the first out of Mexico.

The financial institution, Banco Azteca, has branches spread across Latin America, with the one in Mexico serving as the overall headquarter. The bank also has a branch in Bitcoin-pro El Salvador. Pliego has continued to advise his followers to purchase Bitcoin as he still believes in the digital asset. Meanwhile, Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon of the Bank of Mexico has continued to preach against the adoption of Bitcoin. In his opinion, he feels the digital asset is not worth the stress due to the risks.

Owotunse Adebayo

Owotunse Adebayo

Adebayo loves to keep tab of exciting projects in the blockchain space. He is a seasoned writer who has written tons of articles about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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