Reddit May Sell User Content for $60 Million to Unknown AI Firm


  • Reddit made a $60 million deal to let an AI company use its data, aiming to boost its value before going public.
  • This move might upset users who have already shown they don’t like Reddit’s recent choices.
  • The deal puts Reddit at the center of debates on digital ethics as it plans to enter the stock market.

Reddit, the popular online platform, has struck a $60 million deal with a leading AI company. This move comes as the platform prepares for a public debut valued at $5 billion. The deal allows the use of Reddit’s vast data for AI training. It’s a crucial step in using user-generated content to teach and advance AI. 

The details of the Reddit deal

The agreement lets the AI firm access content from millions of posts, comments, and discussions across Reddit. This treasure trove of data is expected to fuel the development of advanced AI models. As the social media platform gears up for its IPO, this deal showcases its potential to tap into new revenue avenues within the AI sector.

Community reaction

Reddit’s decision, however, may not be well-received by its community. Their previous actions have sparked significant backlash. These actions include charging for API access and removing private user data. The sale of data for AI training could further strain relations with its user base, amid growing concerns over digital ethics and privacy.

The ethics of using public data for AI training is a hot topic. With Reddit’s latest move, the platform finds itself at the heart of this debate. How it manages user concerns and balances its business ambitions could set a precedent for the industry.

According to recent data, the San Francisco-based company has an estimated 55.79 million active users on a daily basis. The impact of selling user content to train LLMs will have an immense impact on the platform. Is the number of daily active users going to remain the same, reduce or increase? Only the future will tell.

Reddit’s $60 million AI data deal is a bold step into the future, blending technology with community-sourced content. As the platform prepares to go public, its success will depend on balancing growth with the values of its vibrant user community.

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