Ransomware leading crypto hacking technique; Report reveals

The Malwarebytes Cybercrime Tactic and Techniques report is out and buzzing with facts on how hackers and jackers are attacking consumers across the crypto space.

Crypto-space has made users more vulnerable than the conventional hacking where jackers and hackers had to keep getting into computers until they hit one with financial information.

Crypto-currencies where created millions of jobs and billions in profits for users across the globe but not without posing serious threats.

Among various other techniques, ransomware is the leading technique attackers are using to score crypto-currencies illegally.

The report further reveals that hackers and attackers were targeting business and individuals during the first two quarters of the year but in the third quarter, cybercriminals are now focusing their attacks on businesses.

The first two quarters were also slower in terms of the number of attacks where crypto mining trojan viruses, ransomware, and even more sophisticated attacks have surfaced within the third quarter. The trend is as high as 55 percent more attacks than the first quarters.

Banking and financial institutions seem to be the new favorite for attacks since as many as 39 new variants of attacks have been confirmed by the report.

There is good news for regular users, however, since the report also reveals that the crypto-mining trojan horse attacks have declined by 26 percent in the current quarter.

The report also reveals that the anti-theft measures are also easier to adopt and it is way easier for an average user to secure their computing than it was in the past.

The report reads, “Staying safe from miners has never been easier. As a result of a year-long onslaught of [cryptocurrency] mining, many vendors now specifically target mining software as potentially malicious. Consumers should be less worried about getting infected with miners and more concerned with banking trojans and spyware.”