Pictures from PUMA’s Metaverse: Limited edition NFTs and exclusive sneakers

PUMA's metaverse
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  • PUMA has revealed its metaverse edition for New York Fashion Week.
  • PUMA’s metaverse edition will feature NFTs for this event.
  • The metaverse website has been named Black Station.

PUMA has shown interest in the growing idea of the metaverse. The company has worked on its idea of metaverse for a while to ensure that it remains relevant in the evolving market. A recent announcement from the company shows that it has launched an immersive experience website for users. PUMA’s metaverse has been named Black Station and has come in anticipation of New York Fashion Week.

Screenshot 2945
Screenshot from Black Station

The company will also offer limited edition physical sneakers during the fashion week. The step from PUMA is the first of its kind from the company and will open ways for further expansion for its metaverse plans. Also, the experience will attract further users to the company and its metaverse projects.  

Screenshot 2946
Screenshot from Black Station

Here is a brief overview of Puma’s Metaverse and what it brings to the users.

PUMA and its metaverse experience

Germany-based fashion company PUMA has continued to offer exclusive services to its users. The latest is in the form of a metaverse-based website Black Station which features sneakers. The website features NFTs, which are accompanied by limited edition physical sneakers. A press release from PUMA told of the exhibition of NFTs in the Futrograde show of New York Fashion Week.

Screenshot 2947
Screenshot from Black Station

According to the available information, PUMA’s metaverse Black Station has three portals. The two portals on the digital lobby are accessible now, which will exhibit two types of sneakers. These include Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid, which are the recent additions to its recent Nitropass NFTs mint. The information from PUMA shows that each minted Nitropass will offer two NFTs.

Screenshot 2948
Screenshot from Black Station

One is tied to physical products, while the other is there to provide a custom experience. While the customers will also be able to burn their NFTs after the Futrograde show and claim the physical sneakers. The third portal will be accessible to the users soon, and it will offer a view of the digital adaptation of New York Fashion Week.

Screenshot 2949
Screenshot from Black Station

The users will also be able to access the available collection pieces during the fashion week event.

Screenshot 2950
Screenshot from Black Station

Black Station from PUMA

Black Station, PUMA’s metaverse, will enable users to interact personally with big events in the digital domain. The in-person interaction with these events will ensure that users have a unique experience with the help of digital technology. The change also shows the in-person connection of companies with their customers. Their attempt in the form of Black Station has been made to enrich users’ experience following the trend set by Prada and American Eagle.

Screenshot 2951
Screenshot from Black Station

Adam Patrick, the company’s Chief Brand Officer, said that they brought PUMA’s metaverse Black Station to open as a new portal for exploration. The said portal will also serve the purpose of fashion, sports performance, and heritage classics. Also, the availability of Black Station allows interested users to access New York Fashion Week from across the globe.

FTR, a creative venture firm, designed PUMA’s Black Station. The metaverse website has been built on Unreal Engine 5. Unreal is a 3D creation tool that can be used for games, movies, architecture, fashion, music, and live events. Various brands have used this tool for metaverse purposes.

According to a McKinsey report, the metaverse‘s worth will be $5 trillion by 2030. Retail and fashion are becoming the top areas of target for the metaverse. PUMA pushed its designers to ensure that they innovatively create 3D sneakers. The current exhibition is the fruit of their effort.


PUMA unveiled its first metaverse-based website during the New York Fashion Week. PUMA’s metaverse website will give access to its recent NFTs while also creating an opportunity to view collections during the NYFW. The trend set by this event will attract other companies as well to the metaverse world.

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