PERSONA AI Emerges Victorious in GenAI Solution Competition 2023, Unveiling Cutting-Edge KGPT Technology


  • PERSONA AI clinches the 1st place (Tech Award) in the GenAI Solution Competition 2023, showcasing its prowess in Generative AI.
  • The competition, held at USC ISI, witnessed global participation and highlighted the transformative impact of Generative AI across diverse sectors.
  • PERSONA AI’s winning solution, KGPT, powered by the proprietary sLLM engine, not only addresses hallucination issues but also offers enhanced security, response speed, and multi-language support.

In a development for the burgeoning field of Generative AI, South Korea’s PERSONA AI secured the coveted 1st place in the GenAI Solution Competition 2023. This triumph catapults PERSONA AI to the forefront of AI innovation, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. The GenAI Solution Competition, held at the USC ISI on December 15th, drew global attention as a crucible for the latest advancements in Generative AI.

The GenAI solution competition

With the ChatGPT phenomenon acting as a catalyst, the global artificial intelligence market is witnessing an unprecedented expansion into Generative AI. Bloomberg Intelligence projects a staggering $1.3 trillion market size within the next decade. This surge in interest is steering transformative changes across economic and social realms, permeating domains such as images, videos, music, metaverse, chatbots, and various services.

Organized by The Society of Gen AI (SGAI), the GenAI Solution Competition 2023 attracted AI scholars from around the world, including the United States, China, Taiwan, Spain, and Australia. A panel of judges, comprising esteemed evaluators from Harvard and MIT, rigorously assessed solutions from nearly 100 GenAI companies. The top three accolades went to PERSONA AI, SPLORE, and ALELO, marking a global acknowledgment of their innovative contributions to Generative AI.

PERSONA AI’s triumph – Leading the generative AI charge

PERSONA AI’s winning solution, KGPT, stands out for its utilization of the proprietary sLLM engine. This technology enables users to effortlessly input documents, seek answers within the solution, and even generate images automatically. Beyond tackling Large Language Models’ hallucination issues, KGPT addresses security and response speed concerns. It further facilitates summarization, translation, and transformation into diverse images through prompts.

In the burgeoning realm of Generative AI, the resounding success of the English iteration of KGPT has set the stage for the imminent expansion of PERSONA AI’s influence. Ambitious plans are underway, encompassing the unveiling of the solution in a myriad of languages, with a particular focus on Japanese and Chinese. This initiative is accompanied by a meticulous process of integrating additional enhancements, ensuring that PERSONA AI not only keeps pace but surges ahead as a formidable global contender within the ever-evolving landscape of Generative AI.

SGAI’s vision – Fostering global collaboration in GenAI

SGAI, the competition organizer, emphasized the event’s role as a platform for integrating and sharing research and industry developments in the rapidly growing GenAI field. The participation of global companies and universities underscored the significance of creating a more global GenAI association.

SGAI expressed the hope of evolving into a more expansive global GenAI association. Their goal is to orchestrate more meaningful and informative events, encouraging the active participation of an increasing number of companies, thus propelling the field of Generative AI to new heights.

As PERSONA AI basks in the glory of its GenAI Solution Competition victory, the broader question looms: How will this triumph shape the future landscape of Generative AI? The competition not only spotlighted the cutting-edge technologies driving innovation but also signaled a collaborative global effort to propel the field forward. With the triumphant KGPT leading the way, the next chapter in Generative AI promises to be one of continued advancements and cross-cultural collaborations.

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