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The current intervention-based healthcare system needs a more efficient, comprehensive, and patient-centric alternative. A strong, interconnected, and quick network of healthcare facilities, providers, and patients can sow the seeds for this transformation. Blockchain technology has the potential to usher in this new era. Patientory leverages blockchain technology to solve the issues of the healthcare system and provide the best care to patients.  

Patientory provides cost-effective access to health data 

Patients wish to access their health data at their convenience and make informed choices about their health. In adherence to the Government initiative, hospitals and healthcare providers shifted from paper-based to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. 

However, these EHR systems do not allow patients fast and secure access to their health information. It also lacks a way to transfer data securely, whether to the patient or another care provider. These systems are also limited by their user interface and usability problems that complicate data transfer.

According to Jonathan Fuchs, Patientory Association Board Member and US Ambassador, blockchain technology solves the interoperability problem of EHR systems. Using blockchain, patients and care providers can access data from any internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world. This technology is the first step to making quality health care accessible to all at an affordable cost.

The Patientory PTOYMatrix Blockchain Network aggregates medical history from different care providers and healthcare facilities in one place. The Patientory decentralized app (dApp) interfaces with the blockchain network to provide a high-performance user experience. It is easy to install, use, and runs processes faster than any EHR available anywhere else. In addition, the app is free of cost and allows free storage of data. 

Patientory protects the privacy of patient’s health data

The data stored in an EHR system is susceptible to theft and loss. The system is not entirely secure against cyberattacks. Moreover, the problems of interface and data backup can also compromise the data. Blockchain technology encrypts the data, concealing the user’s name and personal data with identifiers and providing a private key. Thus, it is immune to cyberattacks. 

Patientory complies with HIPAA to ensure the complete privacy of patient data. The middleware of the app is encrypted in a highly secure computational environment and connects to the blockchain network. 

Like a visit to a health facility, every transaction is distributed throughout the network and stored in different network computers. There is no single point of failure, and thus, patient data is secure and cannot be lost from a single system failure. 


Patients want quick access to their medical records. They also wish to share this data with healthcare providers to devise the best possible care plans. However, the shortcomings of the healthcare system do not allow patients to access their health data. Patients can easily access their complete medical records on the app and share them with their care providers.

Many patients fear for the privacy of their data. Patientory assures this privacy with high-level encryption and other security features. 

Patientory caters to these needs and more to everyone on the app and removes them from the problems characteristic of legacy EHR systems.

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