Offshore Operations Has a New AI Solution Just for Asset Management


  • Imrandd launched ALERT, an AI-driven tool for offshore asset management, improving safety and cutting costs. 
  • The solution offers real-time data on asset conditions, making early intervention possible. 
  • This innovation, supported by a £1 million investment, aims to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector.

Imrandd, has just revealed an innovative breakthrough in asset management called ALERT. This new solution changes the way offshore operators manage and maintain the integrity of their assets. Backed by an investment of £1 million, the Aberdeen-based company, known for its expertise in data and engineering, is introducing an AI-powered tool. This cutting-edge technology makes monitoring of offshore assets not just easier, but smarter and more efficient than ever before.

ALERT offers real-time insights about the health of assets, using AI to identify risks of corrosion before they become a problem. This forward-thinking method allows operators to tackle potential issues early, safeguarding the safety and extending the life of essential infrastructure. By adopting this technology, the industry is moving away from the old way of doing periodic checks. Instead, it’s embracing a more vibrant, data-informed approach to asset management.

Innovation at the core

The birth of ALERT stems from Imrandd’s passion for breaking new ground, especially when it comes to keeping assets in top shape. The team spotted a gap for a smarter, cheaper way to watch over things and tapped into AI to fill it. This isn’t just about guessing what might happen to our assets down the line; it’s about having the means to step in right away and stop trouble in its tracks.

This game-changing technology has caught the eye of some big players, securing a hefty chunk of support and funding from the likes of the Net Zero Technology Centre. This vote of confidence shines a spotlight on how ALERT could be a game-changer in making operations greener and more sustainable. Plus, its slick dashboard gives users a 24/7 snapshot of how their assets are doing, making it easier to make smart choices and keep things running safely and smoothly.

Offshore operations efficiency

Imrandd’s founder and CEO, Innes Auchterlonie, highlights the software’s ability to transform asset management through its predictive capabilities and system-agnostic design. ALERT enables operators to model asset conditions instantaneously, considering various factors such as ambient conditions and degradation hotspots. This holistic view not only reduces engineering time but also improves the quality and accuracy of asset monitoring.

Following a successful pilot program that demonstrated a 40% increase in efficiency, Imrandd is now engaging with UK operators to explore the software’s potential further. The firm’s commitment to research and development is evident in the growth of its team and the continuous expansion of its digital tool suite, aimed at meeting the expanding needs of the energy and industrial sectors.

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