Nigerian Fintechs Embrace Generative AI for Content Creation, Reveals Report


  • Nigerian fintechs are increasingly adopting generative AI for content creation, reflecting a shift towards innovative marketing tools.
  • Efficiency in marketing strategies is a top priority, with 50% of budgets allocated to effective channels, driving growth in the industry.
  • The report anticipates a reliance on owned media and organic channels, signaling a dynamic evolution in Nigeria’s fintech marketing landscape.

Generative AI’s recent report on the Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook has disclosed that approximately 29% of surveyed FinTech entities in Nigeria have integrated generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operations for content creation purposes. This maiden edition report, co-authored by Charles Anijekwu and Jeremiah Ajayi and published by Africa Fintech Summit, aims to illuminate the prevailing landscape and future strategies within Nigeria’s burgeoning fintech industry.

Key Findings Highlight Uptake in Generative AI Adoption and Marketing Costs

The report underscores the burgeoning adoption of generative AI, a technology capable of producing diverse content forms encompassing text, imagery, audio, and synthetic data. Paid advertising emerges as the dominant channel for customer acquisition across various Nigerian fintech verticals in 2023, with sectors such as Merchant Payments, Point-of-Sale, Investment & Wealth Management, and Digital Lending witnessing substantial customer acquisition costs.

Efficiency in marketing strategies emerges as a primary focus for fintech companies, with approximately 50% of marketing budgets allocated to the most effective channels tailored to specific verticals. The rising adoption of Generative AI for content creation underscores the industry’s inclination toward exploring innovative marketing tools.

Shift Towards Owned Media and Organic Channels

The report anticipates an increased reliance on owned media, projecting that organic channels like social media and search engines will become increasingly pivotal for fintech marketing endeavors in 2024 and beyond. The motivation behind the report, as explained by co-authors Anijekwu and Ajayi, was to glean deeper insights into the fintech marketing landscape and identify key drivers of growth, thereby bridging existing data gaps and fostering a data-driven culture within the industry.

Nigeria’s fintech market is rapidly evolving, with digital payments, digital investment, digital capital raising, digital assets, and neo-banking emerging as significant trends. Digital payments, in particular, have witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, with consumers increasingly gravitating towards mobile payment solutions for their day-to-day transactions.

The findings of the Nigeria Fintech Marketing Outlook shed light on the dynamic landscape of the country’s fintech industry, revealing a notable trend towards the adoption of generative AI for content creation among surveyed players. As fintech companies prioritize efficiency in marketing strategies and pivot towards owned media and organic channels, the industry’s trajectory underscores a concerted effort towards innovation and adaptation in response to evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.

The inaugural report serves as a pivotal resource for stakeholders within Nigeria’s fintech ecosystem, offering invaluable insights into prevailing trends and future strategies shaping the industry’s trajectory. With the landscape poised for further evolution, fueled by technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviors, the imperative for fintech entities lies in embracing innovation and leveraging data-driven approaches to navigate the ever-changing market landscape effectively.

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