New Coinbase Pro mobile app is for the seasoned traders

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange has launched a mobile version for its professional traders called the Coinbase Pro mobile app, available for download on iOS.

It seems that the digital currency exchange Coinbase is now focussing on luring bigger fish from the sea as the Coinbase Pro mobile app on iOS is designed for the advanced and institutional traders, with the Android version coming shortly.

Coinbase Pro is the advanced version of the exchange that lets users attempt complex order types, such as the limit orders. The company decided to set up a separate pro version, keeping in mind the expertise and experience required to set up advanced orders. The basic version is straightforward and simple and caters to those who are amateurs or about begin their cryptocurrency trading adventure.

Coinbase Pro mobile app rollout on iOS

Through an official tweet posted on Oct 10, Coinbase Pro announced that it is thrilled to rollout the most inherent feature of the mobile trading app. With this launch, professional traders can now bull, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies while on the move. New Coinbase Pro mobile App will empower traders with an ability to trade crypto anytime and from anywhere.


Explaining the mobile version’s features in detail, the San-Francisco headquartered exchange highlighted that the app would provide similar offerings as the desktop version that boasts of live candles, real-time market analysis, depth charts along with order books with advanced order type features. Besides, it will also offer fifty trading pairs.

Comfort of desktop, features of mobile phone

The exchange announced that the mobile app offers the comfort of a desktop and functionality of the mobile that allows remaining in control at every step of the trading process. The mobile version is a no-frills experience without the involvement of excess steps or information. Traders can check the prices, manage their portfolio, and execute orders seamlessly, the exchange notes.

Meanwhile, Coinbase has faced severe criticism from its users for an exorbitant fee hike recently. The maker, as well as the taker fee on the professional trading platform, increased multifold earlier this month when the exchange spiked it from 0.25 percent to as high as fifty percent (50%). And while that did not go down well with the traders, the exchange tried to compensate it by increasing its number of offerings. It is planning to take on seventeen new tokens on the listing, which include Gram and Polkadot.