Netflix dispels rumors about obtaining a GTA license


  • Netflix has dismissed rumors that it is in talks to obtain the rights to have GTA on its platform.
  • Potential collaborations between firms in the gaming sector.

Netflix is expanding its horizons by venturing into the world of video games. Recent reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that the streaming giant is in talks to secure a license for a Grand Theft Auto game from Take Two Interactive, the publisher behind the popular game franchise. However, the company responded to these reports by dismissing them as “rumors” and “speculation.” The streaming company declined to provide further details on the matter.

Netflix cools down GTA rumors

This development comes at a time when fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are eagerly anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. While there have been various speculations about the game’s protagonists, setting, and even its potential connections to cryptocurrency, such claims remain unverified. Leaks have offered some insights into the game’s early development plans, with strong indications that GTA 6 will likely be set in a location reminiscent of Miami’s Vice City. In the meantime, Netflix has been actively diversifying into the gaming sector. The company has introduced more than 70 playable titles suitable for both mobile devices and TVs.

Some of these games are available as downloadable apps exclusively for Netflix subscribers, while others can be streamed directly from a television or computer. Netflix has even launched a simple gaming controller app designed for iOS users, allowing gamers to use their smartphones as touchscreen controllers. Netflix made it clear in August that it has no intentions of developing its proprietary gaming controller. This decision aligns with its aim to make gaming accessible without requiring users to purchase additional hardware to enjoy the games available on the platform.

Beyond gaming, the streaming platform is actively investing in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its business operations. In recent months, the company has announced its intention to hire talent for various AI-related roles within its research and development and machine learning departments. Additionally, Netflix introduced “Magenta Green Screen,” an innovative background replacement technology designed for the film industry. This technology allows production teams to seamlessly integrate AI-generated backgrounds into real-time shots.

Potential collaborations between firms in the gaming sector

The streaming giant’s ambitions extend to the physical realm as well. The platform has unveiled plans to open brick-and-mortar shops, offering fans the opportunity to purchase merchandise inspired by their favorite Netflix shows and even sample food items tied to the content. These physical stores, known as “Netflix Houses,” are scheduled to start appearing in the United States in 2025. Netflix’s foray into the world of gaming is a notable development for the streaming industry. While it currently operates as a platform for content consumption, this move indicates a desire to be a more comprehensive entertainment destination.

The potential licensing of a Grand Theft Auto game could further solidify Netflix’s position in the gaming world, attracting a diverse audience of both movie and gaming enthusiasts. As the gaming industry continues to expand and diversify, Netflix’s foray into gaming is a logical step. With over 200 million subscribers worldwide, the streaming giant already has a massive built-in audience, making it a compelling platform for game developers and publishers to reach new players. Netflix’s commitment to offering a variety of games, from downloadable titles to those that can be streamed, further showcases its dedication to catering to gamers’ preferences.

The dismissal of rumors surrounding a Grand Theft Auto game on Netflix is an intriguing development, as it leaves room for speculation about potential future gaming collaborations. Whether or not a Grand Theft Auto game will make its way onto the platform, Netflix’s willingness to explore gaming underscores its ambition to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Incorporating artificial intelligence into its operations is another forward-looking step for Netflix. As AI technologies continue to advance, they can enhance content recommendation algorithms, personalize user experiences, and even improve content creation.

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