Sui Wallets Under Token Spam Attack: Mysten Labs Raises Alarm


  • Mysten Labs alerts users about a security breach in Sui Wallets, with unauthorized transactions and spam coins being introduced.
  • Users should be cautious when encountering unfamiliar objects and unexpected claims while refraining from making unfounded accusations about the breach’s source.

Mysten Labs, a Web 3.0-focused startup, has issued a public warning regarding an ongoing scam targeting Sui wallets. Unauthorized transactions and spam coins have been detected in certain Sui wallets, prompting users to exercise caution when interacting with unfamiliar objects. Mysten Labs is actively working to address any potential security breaches in the wallets.

Scam Activities on Sui Wallets

Mysten Labs has identified unauthorized transactions and the introduction of spam coins in some Sui wallets, indicating a potential security breach. Users are urged to be vigilant and exercise caution when encountering unfamiliar objects or notifications within their wallets. Instances have been reported where users receive messages, such as a screenshot shared by a crypto Twitter user claiming they have won 1000 SUI and need to claim the token. The origins of such messages remain unclear, but it is essential to approach any unexpected claims or offers with skepticism.

Users should avoid clicking on any suspicious links or providing personal information in response to these messages. It is recommended to verify the information directly with official sources or the Sui development team. Mysten Labs is actively investigating the security breach and working towards a resolution to safeguard the Sui wallet users. Stay updated with official communications for further instructions and updates.

Speculations on the Source of the Breach

One Twitter user named Kingsamiami suspects that a member of the Sui development team may have been involved in the breach, suggesting that it was not intended to occur. However, at this stage, it is crucial to refrain from making unfounded accusations or assumptions without concrete evidence. Mysten Labs is diligently investigating the situation to determine the cause of the security breach and take appropriate measures to rectify it.

While Kingsamiami’s speculation raises concerns about possible internal involvement in the security breach, it is important to await the findings of Mysten Labs’ investigation before drawing any conclusions. Making unfounded accusations without concrete evidence can be detrimental and unfair. Mysten Labs is committed to thoroughly examining the situation and implementing necessary measures to address the breach and ensure the security of Sui wallets.

Sui Network Mainnet Launch and Token Details

Mysten Labs recently launched the mainnet of the highly scalable layer 1 blockchain known as Sui Network. The blockchain protocol introduced a native token that serves multiple purposes, including staking, gas fees, and governance. The total supply of the Sui token is recorded to be 10 billion. Following the mainnet launch, Sui token listings were secured on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKX, Bybit, Kucoin, and Upbit.

The Sui development team has ambitious plans for the protocol, intending to host over 200 decentralized applications (dApps) in the long run. These applications encompass a range of sectors, such as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and gaming. While rumors of a potential Sui token airdrop circulated in April, Adeniyi Abiodun, co-founder, and chief product officer of Mysten Labs, dispelled these claims. Abiodun clarified that there were no ongoing or future plans for a public airdrop. The only distribution mentioned by the protocol was the 20% allocation for early donors, which did not involve a public airdrop.


Currently, scammers are taking advantage of the optimism within the Sui community regarding a possible airdrop and are launching scam tokens into Sui wallets. To protect themselves, users must exercise caution and refrain from engaging with unfamiliar objects, suspicious messages, or unexpected claims. Mysten Labs is actively working to address the security breach and protect the interests of Sui wallet users. Users should stay updated with official communications from Mysten Labs for further instructions or updates regarding the situation.

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