Metaverse Development: Microsoft faces more than 100 defections


TL;DR Breakdown

  • The new inductions have badly hit Microsoft for the metaverse projects.
  • According to WSJ, Microsoft lost more than 100 employees in 2021.

Microsoft had the leading role in developing modern technology to cope with the growing needs of the new world. It had been the trailblazer as it developed new devices and technologies, including augmented reality. The significant development that they had made was HoloLens. Now, as the projects for metaverse are being announced, employees from different companies are defecting in search of better opportunities.

The most affected amongst those whose employees have defected include Microsoft. Though its management is trying its best to hold the employees from leaving, the stream has continued. Here is a brief overview of it.

The development of Metaverse – An influx of new employees

Metaverse seems to be one of the most revolutionary projects that could potentially significantly change the face of modern technology. There is a rush for new developments to cope with the needs of the metaverse and align with it. Facebook announced that it would be transforming to Meta to ensure that they play its role in metaverse development.

As new opportunities are opening up, skilled workers need to feel a need. Most of the workers joining the new revolution are from other tech development companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc. Recently, Apple announced bonuses for its employees to ensure that they stay with the company.

As the market continues to grow more competitive, the opportunities for smaller companies are growing thinner. However, the bigger companies are no lesser threatened by the ongoing changes. Microsoft claims to be in the lead in the development of metaverse. In contrast to its claims, more than 100 employees have left the company and joined other metaverse companies.

The defection of employees is a matter of concern for many companies because it is the employees responsible for the company’s success and growth. So, metaverse projects and new companies are threatening the existence of some old names.

Metaverse Development: Microsoft faces more than 100 defections 1
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Microsoft hit hard by changes as employees defect to Meta INC.

The new changes in the market have been especially threatening for Microsoft because if we look at the stats for Microsoft employees, there is a trend of employees leaving. The number of employees who joined Facebook’s Meta is about 40. There is a possibility of more employees joining Meta as time passes, so the threat continues.

The problem doesn’t lie only in the defection of employees. Rather the problem is that the employees who have left Microsoft are not ordinary workers. The defectors include project leaders like Charlie Han, who previously served in customer feedback. Other significant names include Josh Miller, who was also on a responsible post in Microsoft.

1,500 employees are working in the augmented reality team of Microsoft. The recent year has left about 1,400 after the employees left for Meta and other metaverse companies. Microsoft is developing headsets and other VR tools that will help realize the metaverse. Though it is working on the project, other metaverse companies seem to lead it.

It is yet to be seen if Meta or other companies will attract more of such employees or it retain them. Though the situation is challenging, Microsoft intends to grow its employees’ number, with more than 10,000 set to be hired from Europe.

Final thoughts

As the competition for Metaverse grows tougher, the employees are changing allegiances. They tend to join the company that is offering them better opportunities. As of now, Meta is leading the race, Microsoft has suffered losses at its hands. The number of employees that defected Microsoft shows that it has suffered significant setbacks. Metaverse Development: Microsoft Faces Defections from Employees

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