Maximizing the social impact of Web3 in Africa through fast broadband & connectivity

The social impact of connectivity has been undeniable throughout recorded history. Two decades into the new millennium, stable and reliable internet connection has become an essential need, in the same category as fundamentals like food, shelter, and education. 

However, like many of these essential needs, a fast and stable internet connection is a basic facility in most households in developed countries, while it is a privilege in many emerging economies. Emerging economies face slow growth in every social and economic aspect without reliable broadband internet connection. 

The digital divide

The digital divide is the gap between countries or regions with fast internet connections and their counterparts with slow and limited access to the web, including access to other digital communication technologies and advanced hardware. 

A stable internet connection is the foundation of digitalization and decentralization. According to verifiable records, only about 33% of people in Africa have internet access. Consequent to this statistic, most of the African population lack access to online payment systems or Web3 applications.      

African nations require a complete solution that closes the digital divide gap to witness the positive social impact of broadband internet and Web3 applications. The ideal solution needs to resolve the following challenges:

  • Cost-effective broadband infrastructure
  • Ultra-fast internet connectivity
  • Affordable connectivity services
  • Financial inclusion in the global economy

Closing the digital divide with 3air 

The blockchain-based connectivity platform, 3air, is building a complete solution that tackles these challenges simultaneously. 


3air will build the infrastructure to provide high-quality broadband services through its partnership with the Swiss broadband company, K3 Telecom AG. The infrastructure comprises a patented wireless technology that facilitates broadband data transfer over long distances. It replaces cable networks and provides fast and reliable download and upload speeds. 

In addition, its broadband services include television and streaming services and VoIP content. 3air and K3 aim to provide broadband services in low-income areas at lower rates. The technology will include an IoT platform and affordable Wi-Fi mesh network.    


3air has a complete ecosystem that serves every user across the African continent. The ecosystem has core functionalities that solve problems in the areas of personal identification, connectivity, payment, and finance. Through blockchain technology and decentralized networks, users will create digital identities, access broadband services, and interact with businesses and people.   

Users will also access Web3 dApps and get exposure to decentralized governance and loyalty systems. 3air’s native token ($3AIR) is the currency for exchanging goods and services on the platform. It facilitates fast and easy payments, cashbacks, airdrops, and tier-specific privileges.     

Social impact of 3air on African nations

Economic growth

Facilitating access to the internet and Web3 dApps in major African cities will greatly impact how people do business and transact. 3air will remove the barriers of distance and time, creating new opportunities for domestic and global trade.

Businesses will have a better outreach to consumers and increase their customer base without opening new shops or warehouses. Through 3air’s bankless payment system, B2B and B2C entities will operate faster and more efficiently.     


Expanding the 3air platform and K3’s broadband infrastructure will significantly impact formal education and self-learners. The positive impact of fast internet and payments will allow people to stream educational videos, pay for courses and receive certification with a few clicks and in no time. Educated citizens elevate societies and the standard of life.  


The African healthcare industry requires a transformation. Digitalization through 3air’s internet connectivity services will change the mode and efficiency of interactions between healthcare professionals and patients. 3air’s connectivity devices will significantly impact access to healthcare services, records, and information exchange, helping professionals make informed decisions about their patient’s conditions and treatment plans.    


Digitalization unlocks the full human potential and facilitates global connectivity and inclusion. Blockchain technology lowers the barrier of entry through decentralization and democracy. 3air understands the power of broadband connectivity and Web3 applications and is on a mission to leverage these revolutionary technologies to achieve its vision of a prosperous and advanced African society.

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