Mastermind behind 2020 Twitter hack extradited and pleaded guilty

US Authorities Extradite UK Citizen Behind 2020 Twitter Hack, SIM (1)

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  • Joseph O’Connor, the mastermind behind the 2020 Twitter hack, has been extradited from the UK to the United States.
  • O’Connor attempted to hide his identity by using technology and aliases outside the United States.
  • The 2020 Twitter hack involved hackers taking control of prominent accounts and executing a Bitcoin giveaway scam.

The United States has recently extradited Joseph O’Connor, the mastermind behind the 2020 Twitter hack and leader of a cyber cartel, from the U.K. Joseph himself has pleaded guilty to a range of cybercrime offenses, showcasing his acknowledgment of the gravity of his actions.

O’Connor employed his skills for nefarious intentions, employing a meticulously orchestrated SIM swap attack to abscond with substantial sums of cryptocurrency. Additionally, he delved into Twitter hacking, expertly breaching security systems to seize control of various social media accounts.

Astonishingly, his cyber machinations even extended to cyberstalking, targeting not just one but two unfortunate victims—one of whom was a minor. The Southern District of New York (SDNY) expressed that O’Connor’s actions were replete with malicious intent, underlining the sheer audacity and sophistication of his malevolent exploits.

Kenneth A. Polite, Jr., an Assistant Attorney General, passionately asserts that O’Connor’s criminal activities were flagrant and malicious and had a far-reaching impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

O’Connor engaged in reprehensible acts, including harassment, threats, and extortion, resulting in significant emotional distress for his victims. Like many criminals, O’Connor attempted to shield his identity by utilizing computer technology to create stealth accounts and aliases outside the United States.

However, this plea is an emphatic reminder that our diligent investigators and prosecutors have the unwavering determination to identify, track down, and apprehend such offenders, ensuring they face the total weight of justice for their heinous crimes.

The 2020 Twitter hack unfolded, unleashing chaos as multiple prominent Twitter accounts fell under the control of hackers. Seizing the opportunity, these nefarious individuals embarked on a devious scheme, capitalizing on the popularity of Bitcoin by orchestrating a grand giveaway scam.

Surprisingly, they even managed to conceal warning responses from influential figures like Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, leaving unsuspecting users vulnerable to their manipulative ploy.

As a result, a staggering sum of approximately 11.3 BTC, equivalent to a jaw-dropping $103,960, found its way into the hackers’ coffers. This audacious attack surpassed expectations, overcoming security measures, including multifactor authentication on certain targeted accounts.

The hackers proved relentless in their pursuit, employing their tactics with finesse and cunning to gain control and execute their fraudulent activities.

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