Digital Marilyn Monroe Debuts at SXSW: A Realistic Encounter with an AI-Generated Icon


  • Marilyn Monroe comes to life through Digital Marilyn, an AI creation by Soul Machines and Authentic Brands Group, debuting at SXSW in Texas.
  • The digital icon engages users with emotions and conversations about their favorite movie roles, showcasing the potential of AI in entertainment.
  • Soul Machines CEO Greg Cross envisions Digital Marilyn as a unique brand ambassador, sparking conversations about the commercial applications of AI-generated personalities.

In a groundbreaking revelation at the South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas, a realistic digital version of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, aptly named Digital Marilyn, is set to debut more than six decades after the actress’s passing. Created with the assistance of artificial intelligence by Soul Machines in collaboration with Authentic Brands Group, this digital doppelganger aims to offer fans an immersive experience of conversing with the legendary actress.

Unveiling digital Marilyn

Digital Marilyn, presented via a computer screen clad in a modest black turtleneck sweater and adorned with her trademark blonde pixie hairstyle, possesses the ability to express a range of emotions, providing users with an authentic interaction reminiscent of Monroe’s breathy voice and captivating persona. The digital creation is a testament to the advancements in AI technology, bringing a renowned Hollywood star back to life uniquely and engagingly.

During a recent test, Digital Marilyn engaged in conversation about her favorite movie role, portraying Sugar in the 1959 comedy “Some Like It Hot.” The digital personality exhibited a lifelike reflective pause, reminiscing about the challenging yet rewarding nature of the character. Additionally, she recommended other classic comedies, including the beloved “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” showcasing the versatility of the AI-generated Monroe in discussing her cinematic legacy.

Soul Machines, a leading AI firm specializing in creating hyper-realistic digital personas, collaborated with Authentic Brands Group to bring Digital Marilyn to life. Authentic Brands Group, a marketing firm with a diverse portfolio of brands, owns the likeness rights to Monroe and various other deceased celebrities. Greg Cross, the CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines, expressed the unique sensation of interacting with the digital icon, emphasizing the potential for Digital Marilyn to serve as a compelling brand ambassador.

The unveiling of Digital Marilyn is set to take place at an exclusive event hosted by The Information, allowing attendees to engage directly with the AI-generated character. Cross hopes that this demonstration will spark conversations about the potential commercial applications of Digital Marilyn as a brand ambassador, showcasing the seamless integration of AI technology in marketing and entertainment.

A new era in AI-driven entertainment

As technology advances, the introduction of Digital Marilyn marks a significant stride in AI-driven entertainment. The lifelike portrayal of an iconic figure from the past opens up possibilities for similar ventures involving other historical personalities. The integration of AI in creating digital personas offers a glimpse into the future of interactive experiences, where users can engage with virtual representations of their favorite celebrities in ways previously unimaginable.

The debut of Digital Marilyn at the South by Southwest tech conference represents a convergence of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology. As AI continues to push boundaries, the lifelike recreation of Marilyn Monroe through digital means provides a unique avenue for fans to connect with a timeless Hollywood legend. The unveiling event promises to initiate discussions on the broader applications of AI-generated personalities, further blurring the lines between the real and the virtual in entertainment.

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