March’s Altcoin Watchlist: Whales Keep an Eye On These Cryptos

The excitement in the cryptocurrency market is palpable as predictions of an upcoming altcoin season gain traction, following a strong performance by Bitcoin. Experts point out that while Bitcoin has been in the spotlight, altcoins have taken a backseat for a while. This situation is expected to shift dramatically, with the market on the cusp of a significant altcoin rally. This anticipation is fueled by the altcoin market cap moving past the “Wyckoff Accumulation Phase,” hinting at a potential explosion in altcoin values. Ethereum, XRP, and other leading altcoins are poised for substantial growth. In particular, tokens such as VeChain and Worldcoin have demonstrated impressive results, with forecasts suggesting rallies of up to 14,600% and recent value increases of 300%, respectively. These developments underscore the escalating interest from investors and the market’s momentum.

March promises to be a very eventful month for the cryptocurrency market. All the elements are in place for certain coins to experience a high growth rate, as evidenced by the heightened whale interest. Some might even exceed the most optimistic expectations as we are gearing up for a potential boom.

Join the Buzz: ScapesMania’s Listing on the Horizon!

As ScapesMania concluded its presale with an impressive $6.125 million gathered at lightning speed, the community is buzzing with anticipation for its upcoming listing. It’s scheduled on PancakeSwap, and the date was already announced during the CEO’s latest AMA. Trading will start with MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT pairs, with USDT as the main source of liquidity based on community demand.

Plans for additional listings on CEX platforms already in the works.

Visionary Roadmap

After the presale ended and all tokens were sold out, the team is now gearing up for full-scale development. The project’s entry into the highly promising casual gaming market, forecasted by Statista to exceed $19 billion by 2027, was well-planned. 

There is a solid token management plan for stability and increased long-term growth potential, including a structured vesting schedule to prevent token dumping. This structured approach ensures a steady supply and demand equilibrium, fostering a healthy ecosystem for the $MANIA token. Additionally, a post-listing marketing strategy has been devised to ensure higher demand and engagement.

To attract talent, ScapesMania is partnering with experienced game development studios and building an in-house product team. To attract even more holders, ScapesMania invites them to leverage the growth of the casual gaming sector as it’s expected to surge by almost 9% annually, according to Statista.

In a recent AMA session, ScapesMania’s CEO discussed the development strategy, which involves creating hypotheses, testing them in real market situations, and retaining only viable ideas for further implementation.

So, listing is just the beginning; join the community and potentially witness ScapesMania’s dynamic ascent as it continues to innovate and grow.

Community Buzz 

With a community exceeding 60,000 followers and expanding, ScapesMania is gaining momentum. It has caught the attention of crypto whales, with deposits exceeding $20,000, who see it as their next major opportunity for gains. 

They know full well that because the amount of tokens in circulation is limited, the value may rise steadily due to supply and demand. Additionally, confidence in the project’s security is bolstered by a successful audit conducted by BlockSafu.

Crypto influencers supporting ScapesMania also underscore its credibility. The positive reviews by bloggers across the globe show that the community is truly excited about the project’s potential.

Why Acquire $MANIA Post-Listing?

Wondering why you should join ScapesMania after listing? Check out these compelling reasons:

  • Buy tokens at an attractive price and without presale limitations.
  • The project’s TGE is carried out on the best possible market conditions.
  • There will be a chance to get involved with new projects, making sure your portfolio is diversified.
  • Enjoy exceptional token utility, distinguishing it from meme coins that mainly depend on trends and hype.

Get Notified About Listing – Sign Up for Alerts

Don’t miss out on the chance to stay ahead of the game as the listing date gets closer. Sign up for updates and be the first to reap all the post-listing opportunities – they could be really lucrative. But do be mindful that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, nothing is guaranteed, and also: always DYOR.

Optimism (OP): A Layer of Efficiency

Optimism (OP) has been experiencing a notable recovery, with a significant portion of its token holders in profit. This resurgence is attributed to the increased network usage following the hosting of the Worldcoin (WLD) privacy token, which helped Optimism (OP) surpass one of its main competitors, Arbitrum, in daily transactions.

As of late January 2024, Optimism (OP) value hovered around $3.10. Despite a dip in the early weeks of January, nearly 90% of Optimism (OP) holders were making a profit, showcasing strong market confidence.

Optimism (OP) is predicted to reach $10.62 by next year, with a potential to hit $42.59 by 2030. The platform’s integration with Ethereum’s upcoming upgrades and its growing adoption in DeFi and NFT spaces could bolster its position. However, challenges such as the need for broader adoption beyond DeFi and potential regulatory changes pose risks to its trajectory.

Sei (SEI): Revolutionizing Trading

Sei (SEI) has quickly gained momentum since its launch, with its integration with USDC sparking excitement. Its focus on speed and low transaction costs has attracted significant attention, pushing its value to around $0.6585 by late January 2024.

Predictions suggest Sei (SEI) could reach $1.66 in 2024 and potentially $7.77 by 2030. The platform’s innovative approach to trading and recent upgrades could continue to attract interest.

The introduction of Sei (SEI) V2 and its commitment to becoming carbon neutral could further enhance its appeal. However, the relatively short trading history of Sei (SEI) requires cautious optimism, as its long-term performance remains to be seen.

Starknet (STRK): Scaling New Heights

Starknet (STRK) Total Value Locked (TVL) surged by 194% in just a week, indicating regained market trust. This growth positioned Starknet (STRK) as the fourth-largest Ethereum Layer 2 project.

Despite recent controversies and a price slide below $2, the increase in TVL suggests a positive outlook. However, a decrease in development activity could signal challenges ahead.

If Starknet (STRK) continues to innovate and address its token issuance errors, Starknet (STRK) could see an upswing, especially if Ethereum’s price also rises. The platform’s ability to maintain momentum amidst competition and market volatility will be crucial.

ApeX Protocol (APEX): Empowering Traders

ApeX Protocol (APEX) is launching its second trade-to-earn round, following the success of its initial event. This move aims to provide more incentives for traders and enhance the rewards structure.

The introduction of the BANANA token and an enhanced rewards pool, including potential airdrop opportunities, are expected to attract more participation and investment in the platform.

ApeX Protocol (APEX) innovative trade-to-earn model and the potential for additional passive income through staking could drive its growth. However, the platform’s reliance on continuous trader engagement and market conditions could impact its long-term success.


The whales make it clear which projects they are interested in and following the smart money was always a good strategy. The list of projects in this text can serve as a guide. These coins really seem to be promising and their growth potential is enough to attract more attention.

Site: https://scapesmania.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScapesMania

Telegram: https://t.me/scapesmania

Announcement Group: https://t.me/scapesmaniaAnn

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