MakerDAO increases DAI yield amid stablecoin market slump


  • MakerDAO has approved a proposal that will temporarily increase the interest rates for DAI token holders.
  • Strengthening competitiveness amidst market turbulence.

MakerDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the stablecoin DAI, recently approved a proposal aimed at increasing interest rates temporarily for DAI token holders. The new mechanism, known as the Enhanced Dai Savings Rate (EDSR), seeks to offer higher yields to users, with rates reaching up to 8%.

MakerDAO introduces EDSR to boost yields

The decision to introduce the EDSR was prompted by the need to address the low utilization of the DAI Savings Rate (DSR), which had been raised to 3.49% in June. Despite the effort to make DAI more competitive, the DSR was underutilized, with less than 7% of the total DAI supply being deposited in the savings rate. This resulted in excessive margins and a surplus of income for the protocol.

The Enhanced Dai Savings Rate mechanism is designed to be more responsive to market conditions and user demand. As the DSR utilization increases, the enhanced yield will gradually reduce, ensuring that Dai holders receive a fair amount of value from the increased returns generated by the protocol. This move is expected to spur adoption and attract more users to the DAI ecosystem.

One of the challenges faced by MakerDAO in increasing DSR utilization is its portfolio strategy. Currently, 75% of the assets are allocated to real-world assets (RWA), while 15% are held in custody with Coinbase. This allocation has contributed to the DSR’s underutilization, as the spread between the yield and the portfolio strategy remains high.

Strengthening competitiveness amidst market turbulence

Rune Christensen, the co-founder of MakerDAO, expressed the importance of the EDSR in ensuring that Dai holders benefit from the protocol’s increased returns. He noted that even with the enhanced yield, the DSR’s current earnings exceed what is shown on platforms like makerburn.

The introduction of the EDSR comes at a time when the stablecoin market has experienced a global slump in market capitalization. DAI, which currently holds the third position among stablecoins, saw its market cap decline from $8.6 billion in 2022 to $4.5 billion at the time of writing. It follows behind USDT and USDC, with market caps of $83.7 billion and $26.5 billion, respectively.

In order to maintain its competitiveness amid market turbulence, MakerDAO has implemented several measures, including increasing its holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds by 150% to $1.25 billion in March. This move aimed to strengthen the protocol’s portfolio and ensure stability in the face of market uncertainties. MakerDAO’s approval of the Enhanced Dai Savings Rate (EDSR) proposal marks a significant step towards increasing DAI adoption and attracting more users to the stablecoin ecosystem.

The mechanism’s responsiveness to DSR utilization ensures that Dai holders benefit from the protocol’s increased returns, while efforts to strengthen its portfolio further bolster its position in the competitive stablecoin market. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, MakerDAO remains committed to implementing innovative strategies to maintain its position as a leading player in the decentralized finance space.

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