Lurgan Entrepreneur Offers AI-Pet Portraits for St. Patrick’s Day


  • Bernie O’Neill utilizes AI technology to create custom digital pet portraits for St. Patrick’s Day, supporting charity.
  • Petsy, O’Neill’s initiative, was born from her grief over the loss of her beloved dog, Dexter.
  • Through her AI-assisted portraits, O’Neill not only preserves memories but also aids animal welfare causes.

Lurgan, Northern Ireland – Bernie O’Neill, a dedicated dog lover and proprietor of Perfect Day and Perfect Night bridal and occasionwear boutique, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to commemorate cherished pets this St. Patrick’s Day. In a heartwarming initiative, O’Neill is raising funds for charity by crafting custom digital portraits of beloved pets in exchange for donations to local animal shelters.

Creating memories for a cause

Since the tragic loss of her beloved canine companion, Dexter, in September, Bernie O’Neill has turned her grief into a positive endeavor. Dexter’s unexpected passing prompted O’Neill to launch Petsy, a venture dedicated to immortalizing pets through themed digital photographs. Originally focused on Christmas-themed portraits, Petsy has rapidly expanded its offerings, catering to pet owners across Northern Ireland, the wider UK, and even reaching clientele in the United States.

Honoring Dexter’s memory

Reflecting on the profound impact of Dexter’s passing, O’Neill remarked, “After losing Dexter on September 19 in a very sudden and traumatic way, I felt my world was falling apart. He was only three and a half…He took ill suddenly.” Despite the heartbreaking loss, O’Neill found solace in her enduring love for dogs and a determination to honor Dexter’s memory.

Each bespoke portrait created by Bernie O’Neill captures the unique essence of every pet, serving as a cherished keepsake for their owners. O’Neill’s passion for dogs and her artistic flair are evident in the hundreds of personalized portraits she has meticulously crafted. Her dedication to this endeavor extends beyond mere artistic expression; it is a testament to the profound bond shared between humans and their furry companions.

Supporting animal welfare

In addition to providing pet owners with lasting mementos, Bernie O’Neill’s initiative serves a greater purpose. By accepting donations in exchange for her digital portraits, O’Neill is actively supporting local animal shelters and contributing to the welfare of countless animals in need. Through her compassionate efforts, O’Neill is fostering a sense of community and solidarity among pet owners while advocating for the well-being of all creatures.

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Bernie O’Neill continues to harness the power of AI technology to celebrate the beloved pets that enrich our lives. With each custom portrait, she not only preserves cherished memories but also makes a tangible difference in the lives of animals in need. O’Neill’s unwavering dedication to this cause serves as a beacon of hope and compassion, reminding us of the profound impact that love and generosity can have on both humans and animals alike.

In a world often fraught with challenges and uncertainties, Bernie O’Neill’s initiative stands as a testament to the enduring power of love, empathy, and community. As pet owners across the globe celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they can take comfort in knowing that their beloved companions are being honored in a meaningful and impactful way. Through her innovative use of AI technology, O’Neill has transformed grief into inspiration, proving that even in the darkest of times, light and compassion can prevail.

For pet owners interested in commemorating their furry friends this St. Patrick’s Day, Bernie O’Neill’s Petsy offers a unique and heartfelt opportunity to celebrate the bond between humans and animals while supporting a worthy cause. To learn more about Petsy and how you can contribute to Bernie O’Neill’s charitable efforts, visit [insert website

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