Liberia’s President Boakai Launches Audits to Combat Corruption


President Boakai’s audits demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability.
Boakai’s strategic stance contrasts with past corruption, encouraging trust in governance.
Audits aim to uncover mismanagement, setting a standard for responsible governance in Liberia.

In a move to tackle corruption head-on, President Joseph Boakai of Liberia has initiated a series of audits targeting key government institutions, including the central bank. This step underscores Boakai’s unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability in governance, a cornerstone of his administration’s agenda since assuming office following his victory over predecessor George Weah in the November elections.

Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

Boakai ran on a platform promising to root out corruption and uplift the lives of Liberians. He wasted no time in launching an audit of the former government upon taking office. With the commissioning of audits for the central bank, the national security agency, and the executive protection service, Boakai aims to delve deeper into ensuring accountability within these crucial sectors of the government. These audits, spanning from 2018 to 2023, are expected to provide insights into any irregularities or mismanagement that may have occurred during this period.

A Proactive Approach to Governance

The decision to conduct these audits comes in the wake of former President Weah’s suspension of three government officials in August 2022, following sanctions imposed by the United States for alleged involvement in public corruption. Boakai’s administration is sending a clear message: corruption will not be tolerated, and strategic measures will be taken to address any instances of malpractice swiftly and decisively.

Fostering Trust and Confidence

Boakai demonstrates his administration’s commitment to restoring public trust and confidence in the government’s ability to manage public resources effectively. The audits are not merely a formality; they represent a genuine effort to shed light on any issues of corruption or mismanagement and pave the way for corrective action and reforms where necessary.

Setting a Precedent for Responsible Governance

Boakai’s strategic stance on combating corruption and promoting good governance practices sets a precedent for leadership in Liberia. By holding government institutions accountable through independent audits, Boakai aims to instill a culture of accountability and integrity within Liberia’s public sector, laying the foundation for development and economic prosperity.

A Brighter Future for Liberia

As Liberia continues its journey, initiatives like these audits play a pivotal role in strengthening institutions, promoting transparency, and combating corruption. Boakai’s commitment to tackling graft head-on underscores his administration’s determination to build a better Liberia for all its citizens.

President Boakai’s decision to commission audits of key government institutions reflects a strategic approach to addressing corruption and promoting transparency and accountability in governance. These audits represent a commitment to fostering trust and confidence in Liberia’s public sector and setting a precedent for governance moving forward.

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