Ledger email proves to be a scam!

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  • People who use Ledger hardware wallets have received vile emails this morning, which turns out to be a scam.
  • The first series of emails were requesting the 24-word recovery expression.
  • The second flow of emails invites users to install the newest edition of Ledger Live and change their PIN.

People who bought Ledger hardware wallets have received unpleasant emails this morning stating that their crypto resources risk being stolen.

The crypto industry is inundated with attackers exploiting the vulnerable, and this is the newest endeavour to get buyers to disclose their confidential information or download malware. The first series of bogus emails were requesting the 24-word recovery expression, and the company notified its clients that it would never request this.

The next lot of emails stated that a violation of the Ledger servers’ data had impacted the wallet linked with the intended email address. It invites users to install the newest edition of Ledger Live through a fixed email link and change their PINs.

The email seems authentic at first, but there are many indications of its fraudulence. For instance, its domain does not originate from ledger.com rather legder.com. The email also includes a dishonest URL http://url9594.legder.com  which could lead the inexperienced to install malware that will take their ID or mine cryptocurrency.

The company produced a list affirming that they are aware of these illegal efforts and assured their customers that their money is secure as long as their recovery word is protected.

Ledger is an ongoing target

Attackers frequently target the server’s users on social media, search engines, and through email. The company was afflicted by data infringement in July, which put 9,500 of its users in jeopardy.

Earlier this year, in March, it was reported that a Chrome extension named Ledger Live was aiming at owners who use the server to store their cryptocurrency wallets. These wallets are tiny instruments that can be used to keep the passwords to access cryptocurrency accounts. Such wallets support several cryptocurrencies and guard them against attackers.

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