Launching with web-3 Technology, Utopia Avatars introduces its genesis collection that challenges traditional ideas of access and utility

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Tokens will be created on the Ethereum blockchain on February 21st, with a total supply of 9,922.

The Utopia Avatars team, lead by Alejandro Saez, Maria Bravo and Javier Garcia together with their advisory board Randi Zuckerberg, Pepe Bastón, Deepak Chopra, Eva Longoria, Faze Banks, Desiree Ansari & Maha Abouelenein, has announced the debut of its first collection of NFTs, or Utility Based Tokens (UBTs). Through this area, the collection presents a holistic growth strategy based on artists providing utilities that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, the metaverse, a community treasury linked to IRL (In Real Life) businesses, and a clear vision of giving back as a way to grow.

In order to spread the ideas of variety and inclusiveness espoused by the Utopians, the inhabitants of Utopia Avatars, 9,922 NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and made by hand by an outstanding 3D design team. Furthermore, it will be of benefit to the holders because obtaining these avatars will grant them access to a wide variety of other features and functions in addition to the art itself. It’s important to stress the fact that many of them exist in the physical world and may be used in people’s daily lives because of their ownership. The value proposition of Utopia Avatars is to provide its holders with an experience or utility based on physical and digital environments, on a product that develops with the community and lasts.

Working together with some of the best artists in the United States and Europe.

The special stamp offered by two of the artists of the present on a small number of avatars is one of the main novelties of this collection. Richard Orlinski, the most popular living French artist, and Ganga Tattoo, one of the most well-known tattoo artists today, lauded for the realistic detail of his intricate tattoos and a favorite of celebrities like LeBron James, Chris Brown, Nicky Jam, and Drake.

Trusting in the ability of Web3 and the blockchain to innovate and give rise to the formation of communities that make up an ethical and sustainable ecosystem, the founders of this project got together to build creative initiatives and gain charitable pledges. The principles of openness, creativity, and generosity will guide the growth of this community.

The success of their business is measured not only by its results, but also by its ability to do good and, as the Utopians say, “Make It Possible.” Utopia Avatars is committed to the mission and vision of Global Gift Foundation, standing by them every step of the way.

María Bravo says “The possibilities are endless; we hope to create one of the most powerful communities in the world where traceability and trust reign, connecting philanthropists, brands, and companies that use the power of the blockchain to create awareness in order to build a world more ethical and responsible with our partners in real life businesses, a community with a great passion for spreading kindness and compassion where it is needed most.”

With the goal of creating a seamless transition between the digital “world” and “the” physical world, Utopia Avatars will be a set of 3D art tokens made available in the metaverse. They will also include other features that will be unveiled in the lead up to the project’s launch, such as permanent ones.

“We truly believe in doing good and empowering a space that is here to make our lives better.” says Nino Saez, co-founder of Utopia Avatars. “Web-3 is a natural evolution, and we are founding Utopia Avatars to learn, share and build together as a community. This is just the beginning, the only limit is our imagination; and all of the team forces already united together with a community about to launch and a great ecosystem with several tech awards already; can surely make our vision and mission possible.”

When you consider that the Utopia avatars project spearheaded a fundraising round of over $10 million with a singular goal of creating long-term utility for its holders, it’s clear that having a venture capitalist behind you is a mark of long-term dedication and foresight.

One of the collection’s defining features is its interoperability; each Utopia Avatar will be able to participate in the Group’s other metaverses, including the Deepak Chopra-designed wellness area, a gaming area, an educational area, a live events area, a shopping area, and more.

Innovating tools that bridge the gap between the digital and virtual worlds are a focus of the inaugural Utopia Avatars collection.

The Utopia community

The community will have access to a yearly Utopia Avatars Event in real life and a community treasury and merchandise showcasing exclusive artist collaborations.

Free and unrestricted use of the “Moments and Memories” metaverse

Utopia Avatar owners get full privileges in the metaverse, including the ability to roam wherever they like, shop at the Utopia Store, attend events in the Live Show and Education areas, stream movies in their personal Digital Spaces, and compete in multiplayer games with other users in the Gaming area.

Through an Airdrop, all holders will obtain their individual Digital Spaces, which will serve as storage for their metaverse belongings.

Utopia’s proprietary “Moments & Memories” technology will give holders first dibs on all of the content and experiences that coexist in the metaverse in real time (Moments) and make them accessible whenever they like for endless replay value (Memories). Real Digital Tokens (RDTs) are virtual assets that can be used in the metaverse, and with this technology, any physical object the holder obtains can produce an RDT.

Tangible utilities from Ganga Tattoo and Richard Orlinski

In addition to acquiring the IP rights and receiving two invitations to in-person events at their galleries, holders who have an Orlinski variety or trait in their avatar (2000 in total), 1901 of them will receive a Digigraphie designed and signed by the artist that will be mailed to their home after the revelation. One hundred and one lucky holders will additionally have a 19cm Red Gorilla sculpture sent to their homes.

Similarly, holders who obtain one of the 1,020 Utopia Avatars designed by Ganga Tattoo will be eligible for a free special Utopia tattoo (this utility affects the 9922 total supply), 150 holders will be gifted an exclusive Nomad sculpture for their homes, 20 holders will have access to a free tattoo once a year, and one holder will have access to the full No Pain Tattoo experience.

As a result, the Web-3 “NFT” community Utopia Avatars is given a boost that will allow them to concentrate on their launch this February and make a strong entrance into the market with a real, high-quality proposal, thinking of the user that moreover will count with an innovative and unique way to construct a Web-3 project with a clear long term vision to boost its possibilities and show full confidence in the development of the technology and the communities.

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