Kero’s Remarkable Leap: From NFT Artistry to Memecoin Phenomenon


  • NFT artist Kero transitions into the memecoin market, raising over $10 million in a day for the Solana-based memecoin, SNAP, inspired by their meme character Coco the crocodile.
  • The presale’s success, supported by a broad base of small contributions, highlights the potential for creators to leverage their followings for substantial projects. Despite the rapid success, Kero opts for a cautious approach to SNAP’s launch, emphasizing the importance of responsible project management.

In an astonishing display of the power of social media and community engagement, an NFT artist known as Kero has captivated the crypto world by raising over $10 million for a Solana-based memecoin presale in just one day. The feat not only highlights the burgeoning interest in memecoins but also underscores the potential for artists to leverage their followings into significant financial ventures.

Kero, previously recognized for their unique contributions to the NFT space, ventured into the memecoin arena following a poll on X (formerly Twitter), where they queried their audience about the interest in launching a Solana coin. The overwhelming response, with 5,000 votes in favor, propelled Kero to initiate the presale of what would be named SNAP, a token inspired by their original meme character, Coco the crocodile. Coco, drawn in a style reminiscent of the iconic Pepe the Frog, has been a staple in Kero’s digital trading card collections, which blend art, memes, and internet culture.

A community-driven success

The presale’s success, amassing nearly 55,000 SOL (approximately $10.4 million), was driven by the enthusiastic participation of Kero’s followers and the broader crypto community. Contributions poured in rapidly after Kero posted a wallet address, with many investors contributing small amounts. The median contribution stood at 1 SOL, reflecting a broad base of support, while the average donation was around 3.5 SOL. The grassroots fundraising effort showcases the potential for individual creators to mobilize significant resources through direct appeals to their communities.

The success of the SNAP presale has taken many in the crypto community by surprise, with some expressing disbelief at the rapid accumulation of funds for a project spearheaded by a relatively unknown artist. The event has sparked discussions about the dynamics of fame, influence, and trust within the crypto space, where traditional metrics of reputation can be quickly upended by viral movements and social media engagement.

In light of the presale’s unexpected success, Kero has opted for a cautious approach to the official launch of SNAP. Acknowledging the rapid development and the substantial funds involved, Kero announced a delay in the launch to ensure that no mistakes are made in the rollout process. The decision reflects a responsible stance towards the management of community expectations and the technical challenges of launching a new cryptocurrency.

Kero’s Implications for the future

Kero’s venture from NFT artistry into the creation of a memecoin represents a fascinating evolution in the intersection of art, technology, and finance. The success of the SNAP presale illustrates the growing influence of individual creators in the crypto ecosystem and the potential for innovative projects to garner significant support, regardless of the traditional indicators of influence or fame. 

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, the story of SNAP and its creator Kero will likely serve as an inspiring case study for artists and entrepreneurs looking to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology and digital currencies.


The SNAP presale event underscores the unpredictable and dynamic nature of the crypto world, where community support and social media engagement can lead to remarkable outcomes. As Kero prepares for the next steps in the development and launch of SNAP, the crypto community will be watching closely, eager to see how the unexpected success story unfolds.

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