JPMorgan Chase reverses decision, refunds customer after robbery


  • JPMorgan Chase refused to refund a customer robbed at gunpoint, draining $1,700 from her account using Zelle.
  • Despite providing evidence, Chase denied the refund, leaving the victim distressed.
  • With the help of ABC Chicago’s I-Team, Chase reversed its decision, refunding the stolen funds to the customer.

JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banking institutions, faced scrutiny after initially refusing to refund a customer who fell victim to a harrowing robbery. Chicago resident Victoria Karwowski found herself at gunpoint, coerced into surrendering her Chase account details to assailants who subsequently drained $1,700 using the Zelle payment network.

Chase’s initial denial

Despite the traumatic circumstances, Chase initially denied Karwowski’s refund request, citing her alleged transaction authorization. This decision left Karwowski distressed and financially burdened as she grappled with the aftermath of the robbery.

Undeterred, Karwowski persisted in her efforts to seek justice. She provided Chase with a detailed police report and video evidence of the crime, bolstering her claims of coercion and unauthorized access to her account. Despite her compelling evidence, Chase remained steadfast in its refusal to reimburse her.

Intervention by ABC Chicago’s I-team

Frustrated by the lack of resolution, Karwowski sought assistance from ABC Chicago’s investigative unit, the I-Team. Their intervention proved pivotal as they swiftly engaged with Chase and Zelle on Karwowski’s behalf.

Karwowski’s ordeal reached a favorable conclusion thanks to the relentless advocacy of ABC Chicago’s I-Team. Within days of their involvement, Chase and Zelle reversed their stance, acknowledging the gravity of Karwowski’s situation. Consequently, Karwowski received a full refund of the stolen funds, providing her much-needed relief and closure.

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