JPMorgan challenges Paypal, Square with new venture


  • JPMorgan is launching a digital payroll processing feature to attract small businesses.
  • They’re partnering with San Francisco-based fintech firm Gusto for this venture.
  • This move is JPMorgan’s answer to fintech companies like PayPal and Square, which offer similar services.
  • The service will be comprehensive, handling salaries, tax documents, pay stubs, and other related filings.

It’s no secret: the digital realm has become the battleground for financial giants. As fintech companies continue to revolutionize the sector, traditional banks are forced to adapt, evolve, or risk becoming obsolete. Enter JPMorgan, not merely as a spectator but a fierce contender, with its latest venture aimed squarely at the heart of the fintech universe.

Pushing Boundaries with Gusto

In a bold move to enhance its appeal to small business clientele, JPMorgan is diving headfirst into the domain of digital payroll processing. Yet, instead of spending valuable time and resources developing an in-house solution, the bank has strategically aligned with Gusto, a San Francisco-based fintech mogul.

This collaboration ensures that Chase payment solution customers experience seamless access to payroll services right from their familiar banking interface. Convenience just found its new poster child.

It’s evident that JPMorgan isn’t holding back in the tech arms race, having funneled billions into technology development. This new venture seems to be a response to the multifaceted offerings from fintech giants like PayPal and Square. The clear message? JPMorgan is more than just a traditional bank; it’s ready to compete on all fronts.

Why Gusto, and Why Now?

Payroll, for many businesses, remains a cumbersome task, with some even resorting to the antiquated method of paper checks. Addressing this need, JPMorgan’s choice to partner with Gusto is astute.

The complexities of managing payroll, especially considering the diverse regulations across states, cities, and counties, demand a specialized touch – something Gusto has mastered.

Expected to be operational by the end of 2024, this new feature won’t just be limited to disbursing salaries. It promises a comprehensive package, including generating tax documents, creating pay stubs, and ensuring timely filings to relevant local and national agencies.

The Larger Picture

JPMorgan’s association with Gusto isn’t just a one-off venture. It’s a testament to the bank’s forward-thinking approach, having previously introduced fintech innovations like an early direct deposit feature for customers and a credit card reader for businesses reminiscent of Square’s offering.

With a vast customer base, comprising 5 million small businesses and an excess of 200,000 users of its payment solutions, JPMorgan is positioned to make waves.

Meanwhile, Gusto, a formidable entity established in 2011, caters to 300,000 small and medium businesses. With its impressive valuation at $9.6 billion, it stands tall among peers like ADP, Intuit, Paychex, and Rippling.

The financial landscape is morphing at an unprecedented pace. Fintech entities like PayPal and Square have been pivotal in driving this change, offering multifaceted solutions that challenge the traditional banking framework.

However, JPMorgan’s latest move signals that traditional banks aren’t ready to be sidelined just yet. By combining their vast resources and expertise with the agility and innovation of fintech firms, they might just be gearing up for a renaissance.

Only time will tell if this synergy will reshape the industry or merely be a drop in the vast digital ocean. But one thing’s certain: JPMorgan is not going down without a fight, which really… respect.

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