Join Uniglo (GLO) Presale Now While Ethereum (ETH) And Binance Token (BNB) Are On The Path Of Recovery

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There’s one hot project that’s entering pre-sale right now: Uniglo. And at a time where real crypto success is somewhat harder to find than it once was, it’s one the market has been crying out for. So if your portfolio needs some bear market resilience and something that could continue to pump throughout the economic crisis, GLO could be the perfect option.

And remember: the current bear market hasn’t been as bad as many onlookers predicted. While there have been some losses—this isn’t unique to the crypto world. It’s not because of the underlying fundamentals of the future of digital finance: they’re here to stay. But global recession and high inflation do have an impact. It should be noted that while markets have been down recently, they actually recovered a lot better than many thought. People were predicting huge losses when BTC dipped a month or so ago. These losses didn’t come to fruition. The bell-weather coin consolidated and even recovered somewhat. While it’s still some way off all-time highs, this still shows considerable strength at a time when people were predicting much worse. Crypto is recovering, slowly but surely. Even so, you still need to make the right selections for your portfolio. And that’s why GLO is potentially the best pick out there right now.

Uniglo (GLO)

Glo helps solve a few key problems with both the fiat and crypto worlds. These problems are inflation, scarcity and asset-backing. GLO is truly deflationary, and at a time when your fiat money is becoming worth less and less due to inflation, this is something many investors are in desperate need of.

Uniglo is the first fully asset-backed community-driven crypto project. It has a vault, made up from a sales tax on transactions, that is fully 1:1 backed, providing a true store of value (something fiat lost long ago when it got rid of the gold standard). The assets include things like other cryptocurrencies, NFTs, collectibles, and even real-world assets like gold itself. This provides true stability and a value that isn’t prone to over-speculated boom and bust cycles. Its price also isn’t reliant on BTC, thanks to real diversification.

And unlike fiat, more coins won’t be printed. GLO uses a dual-burn mechanism to continuously burn tokens and limit supply. Scarcity is built into the system, making it both deflationary and ready for growth.

All these reasons and more are why now could be the perfect time to buy GLO. And it’s available at a discount during pre-sale, the perfect opportunity to invest in a coin before it goes onto massive things in the wider crypto world.

ETH and BNB start to recover

When the market dipped about a month ago, people were worrying about major cryptos like ETH and BNB. They did suffer some losses—but these weren’t as bad as many were predicting. Far from it, they showed true resilience and arguable strength. While it might take a while to reach all-time highs again, there’s still a lot of faith in these coins as the future of the crypto space. Now could be the ideal time to buy their dips.


GLO has a huge number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies on the market right now. We highly recommend it for your portfolio alongside ETH and BNB.

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