Texas Blockchain Council defeats Biden administration in fight for Bitcoin miners

Texas Blockchain Council defeats Biden administration in fight for Bitcoin miners


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  • The Texas Blockchain Council won a lawsuit against the Biden administration, stopping data collection on Bitcoin mining.
  • The government is now required to delete all previously gathered data on Bitcoin miners.
  • The dispute began over a Department of Energy survey that sought detailed information on the power usage of cryptocurrency mining.

The Texas Blockchain Council’s battle against the Biden administration has marked a significant victory for Bitcoin miners nationwide. This face-off culminated in the government being compelled to obliterate the data it had collected on Bitcoin mining activities. This action not only halted the administration’s efforts to amass data on Bitcoin miners but also mandated the deletion of all previously collected information.

The dispute traced back to January 24, when the Texas Blockchain Council, alongside Riot Platforms, a mining entity, lodged a legal challenge in a Texas federal court. Their bone of contention was a survey disseminated by the U.S. Department of Energy in early January, aimed at understanding the evolving power demands of cryptocurrency mining. This government-led inquiry not only sought to pinpoint regions with burgeoning Bitcoin mining activities but also to gather specifics on the power sources fueling these operations. The council, however, viewed this move as an overreach, potentially detrimental to the mining sector’s business landscape.

Miners expressed discontent, arguing the survey was sprung upon them without adequate public notification, thereby flouting legal prerequisites. Their demands for a permanent injunction against the Energy Information Administration (EIA) underscored a plea for adherence to established legal frameworks before such data requisitions. The triumph in this legal tussle has set a precedent, ensuring that any future data requests by the EIA would necessitate a thorough notice and comment procedure.

Despite this landmark ruling, the EIA, alongside the Biden administration, has remained tight-lipped, offering no commentary on the outcome. This silence has not dampened the spirits of the Texas Blockchain Council, especially its Chairman President Lee Bratcher, who vocally criticized the EIA’s hurried approach in issuing what he deemed an unnecessary emergency survey. Bratcher’s critique extended to the survey’s invasive nature, probing for proprietary information without following due protocol.

Bratcher shed light on the political undercurrents influencing the survey’s issuance, pointing fingers at Senator Elizabeth Warren for her overt pressure on the Energy Secretary. Warren’s insistence on scrutinizing Bitcoin’s energy footprint, according to Bratcher, ignored the sector’s potential benefits and disproportionately targeted Bitcoin miners. Despite Warren’s environmental concerns, Bratcher remains optimistic about Bitcoin mining’s shift towards a blend of renewable energy sources and stranded or wasted gases.

Texas, with its unique energy marketplace, emerges as a fertile ground for Bitcoin mining, offering companies a strategic advantage in power trading. Yet, Bratcher cautions newcomers about the industry’s competitive edge, emphasizing the necessity of experienced operation teams for survival.

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